Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Cousin Blitz!

My Aunt Patricia has this, well, big dog!  His name is Blitz!

blitz on floor

Even though our moms will not let us meet in the fur cause of our sizes, I weigh 10 lbs and Blitz weighs 170 lbs, we still love each other!   The only thing we get to do is the sniff test our moms when they gets home from visiting each other!    BTW, Blitz thinks I smell very mantastic!!

My Mom worries cause she says, I think I am a big dog and would get squashed by Blitz!  But Mom furgets how mantastic I am!  Maybe one day we can convince our moms to let us play in the furs with each other!

I did talk Blitz into blogging and he has agreed, so I was hoping that you could pop on over to his blog and give him some big ‘ol blogville love!  I told him that I have have the bestest furiends, EVER!!

His blog is here, or you can visit this way…


Oh and fur the record…here is a picture of me….abused and nekkid…cause I had to gets a bath and mom did not dress me.   The horror!



  1. Oh Blitz is certainly a BIG BOY!!! I thinks you would hold your own Higgins. You are definately Mantastic enough! BOL
    I'll head on over and say hello!

  2. Ernie and I just came back from meeting Blitz. We though you would be all dressed by now... You must still be AIR DRYING. That's OK we are guys...we don't mind seeing you Nekkid.

  3. Woof! Woof! We visited Blitz blog but we can't follow his blog. You may want to tell them what gadget to use. Did you say a bath? I bet you smell good ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Of course you'd be fine...you are the most mantastic dog out there. I can't meet my new Aunt Sadie b/c she is 5 lbs and Mrs. Master is afraid too. Humans are so weird.


  5. 170 lbs.! Wow! I visited Blitz and added him to my Google Reader. Higgins...you look super sweet all nekkid.

  6. IMOM LOVES Blitz!! She is such a sucker for a great dane. She just goes gaga over them. Reminds her of her heart dog Pete who was a dane/lab mix and weighted in at 145. I think you two would be fine together. I am sure Blitz would respect your mantaticness.

  7. Baths, HIggins, are the worst things ever. I truly dislike them. As to Blitz - one of my best buddies, George, is the size of Blitz and yes, there were concerns because I too think I'm a HUGE four legged one, but we get on fine - in fact, I drag Her across the road in a mad sprint when we pass George's house as I'm so keen to get to see him!! Sometimes, I do get a bit squashed because I forget he's much bigger than I am but that's ok, it's all part of the fun!! We are away to look at Blitz's blog right now!!

    I hope you get some clothes on soon - you don't look at all happy!!



  8. We did pop over and friended Blitz. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Just went over to see Blitz! You got a bath! Lucky you....I wish I could get one....they are so much fun!

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