Monday, June 10, 2013

Chihuahua Behaving Badly

I had my annual Dogter Appointment on Friday…Fur some reason youngest son decided to tape it.  Why???  Who knows, but now my badself  is on video.  Grr.

After the video had stopped rolling it got worse…I acted so bad and tried to bite the Dogter that I had to be muzzled to get my shots.  That stoopied muzzled made it even worse and I started blowing bubbles out of my mouth while I growled.

After my shots, mom sent the youngest son and me to the truck while she talked with the dogter!  I guess she was worried that I was getting ready to take that Dogter O-U-T!  BOL!! 

So after the appointment, what did mom do??  She took me to Dairy Cream to get ice scream to reward my badself!  BOL BOL BOL!!  The youngest son said that I  did not deserve it at all!

ice scream

I say, I got shots, so I deserve so much more!

Happy Monday Mischief!


  1. Higgins, you scared our Person when you screamed. You really didn't behave very well. But that stuff at the Dogter is not any fun either. Take care and have a great day.

  2. You so deserved an ice cream treat. I say you deserved a double scoop with sprinkles and whipped topping.

  3. LOL Higgins you made us jump too. You tell the dogtor pal. Blooming blood stealers. Have marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You definitely deserved ice cream, Higgins. The dogtor was getting pretty fresh in my opinion. I know it's their job but sheesh! Glad you got a treat. Hopefully that's done for a while.

  5. We get ice cream after a trip to the vet sometimes too. You deserved it, how traumatic.

  6. Oh Higgins,

    I got such a shock when they 'stabbed' you with that needle and you jumped buddy! I wanted to come and rescue you!

    I know how you feel, when they tried to 'steal' my blood at the vets I wouldn't let them! They usually end up sedating me for all the bad stuff and then I really couldn't care less what they do!

    Your sure deserved a treat after that ordeal dude!

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. OMD....What were those bad peeps tryin to do to you? You certainly DID deserve that ice cream.....and a steak dinner too! Just a suggestion.....

  8. Oh excellent! If you got some ice cream, then they didn't think you were behaving so badly! What flavor?

  9. YES!! You are our MANtastic HERO!! You really showed that Dogtor what was what!!

    OF COURSE you DESERVED I Scream after that TORTURE Treatment.

  10. Glad you got a reward for being good at the vets - you could say you got your just deserts, BOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. I used to have a fox terrier who acted much the same at the vet's office. I'm sure they were extremely grateful that she was healthy up until the end and rarely needed a vet visit other than her annual shots.

  12. I would say it was the Dogter who was up to mischief with those shots! Of COURSE you deserved an ice cream!

  13. Oh Higgins, I LOVES that your brudder gots that on tape, now Ma can't say that I'M difficult!!! The mean NEW vettie muzzled ME last time just cause my leggie was shakin' leggie ALWAYS shakes!!! Geesh.
    I thinks you TOTALLY deserve the ice scream!! YOU gots VIOLATED!! (yups, I saw the dogtor puttin' that temp thingy where the suns don't shine!!) I thinks you deserve TWO ice screams!!

  14. oh higgy, you scared us when you screamed. are you ok now? poor you! with all that poking and prodding, of course you deserved a dessert.
    xoxo, bailey

  15. I know just how you feel...Arooooooooo