Monday, December 7, 2015

Niles Has Been Naughty!

I Higgins, rarely, sometime more often than not, have a piddle in da house.....It's rare, butts it happens!  I am a Mantastic Hunk of a Man Dog, but not pawrfect!!!

Niles had been da total suck up since da day he moved in and has never had a piddle in da house....dat is one of da many reasons I growls at him a lots beclaws he be always trying to show off!!!  It gets on my nerves!

Well, Niles is in BIG trouble now beclaws he did a da house!!!

An intentional piddle!!!  No worries, I tolds on him....

Looks who is in trouble now!!  BOL!!!!!  Mom news right away it was him beclaws he was found like dis.....

He gots mad beclaws mom let da pussy cat in da house beclaws it was cold outside and he punished, not the pussy cat....butts maybe he did punish da pussy cat beclaws I thinks da pussy cat gotten a little piddle on her!!  BOL BOL BOL!  Now dats is funny!!!!

And I be's all proud beclaws I showed mom what he did.....I was all like da piddle pawtrol and I led her right to it!!!  It was where da pussy cat was sleeping!!!   

I sure do hope Santa Paws leaves Niles some yummy kibbles under da tree....just sayin'!

Christmas Card Count

Higgins and Niles  20    -    Mom and Dad  2
(We thinks they be sending themself cards so not to look bad)


  1. Ruh roh ...Niles is in trouble. That was nice of your mom to let the kitty inside during the cold.

  2. HeHe, is it wrong to laff 'cos Niles piddle on the Push-T-Cat, I do finds that VERY funny! I hopes Santy Paws won't be mad at me!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. BOL BOL poor Niles he was just trying to give the kitty cat a warm baff ;) I am sure Santa Paws won't be mad since it was just a misunderstanding and all!

  4. Niles we agree with you - cats belong outside being chased up a tree - you can't be blamed for leaving messages around the house saying "no cats allowed" :) :) :)

  5. Oh we haf that problem at ours house sometimes too, and wif three of us, mom has a hard time figuring out just who is the culprit, mostly gussie always using the pee pad, so it is usually between me and mean Maggie........I finks it is always says we need a trail cam to snoop on us........we did chuckle at that picture of niles......stella rose

  6. Oh well. Grandma's dog did that when he visited once and Mom was not real happy about that.

  7. Oh Niles, that was very naughty - but funny....
    Higgins, you are a dirty tattle tale, BOL!
    Dip and Elliot x

  8. Oh nooooo! Sometimes Maddie does them. Hahaha

  9. Welcome to the naughty list right along with me Niles. They say misery loves comany.

    My darling Higgie,
    Don't forget to send us your pictures for our Smileybox. Mommy says I can put mine behind your and let folks know you belong to me.

    ❤️❤️❤️Your Sammie Jean

  10. Hey Higgins!
    Wow, poor Niles is in for a lump of coal now! BOL He does get some extra good points for hitting a little on the kitty. BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  11. opps Niles! Well when it is cold outside sometimes there are those slip ups you know!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  12. Piddle Patrol to the rescue. I can understand Niles being a little upset but your Mom was just trying to make the kitty comfy. It's awful cold out there sometimes.

    Abby Lab

  13. BOL!!!!! Pee pee everywheres!!!! (hey, I gots a gallon of that Nature's Miracle stuffs, I hear it works on the pee...☺ Oh, and yes, Ma says she NEEDS a gallon..she says I stinks! can you believes it??????)
    Ruby ♥

  14. Well I hope Santa Paws still comes for all of you but maybe you will get a little something extra for being on piddle patrol.

    Ziggy Out!!