Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday, Snake And A Bath, Oh My!

The oldest son, DJ,  had a birthday today,  he turned 19.  I don’t get all the hoop-lah about it. I turned 21 (in dog years) this year and I did not get  showered with gifts, lunch and cake….oh yeah, maybe I did.  Oh well, I still did not like all the attention he was getting until I was finally recognized and got some ice cream!!!  Then and only then, was it all well with the world again!  Here is a picture of DJ on his big day…tell me how many people does it take to light candles on a cake…sheesh!


Another exciting thing that happened today was this…..

IMG_4726 IMG_4727

See that feisty thing??  Not sure what kind of snake it was, but it was pretty mean and striking at anything that came near it.  I tried to kill it but my mom held be back while they shot it.  They said it was deadly, but I am sure that I could have taken it out with one bite!!  Oh well, better they kill it, I did not want to embarrass them by killing it with my bare teeth!!  HA!

Through all the excitement of the day, my mom felt that she should ruin it with a bath.   That kind of made me mad.  She thinks I enjoy them, and I might a little bit, but really I think I hate them more than she thinks!


The only good thing about having a bath is I get a Ginger Bear snack and of course a nice laundered shirt!


Ahhh, now to enjoy the rest of my Saturday, cleaned and ready for a nap!!

Have a Happy Saturday!


  1. Sorry about the bath Higgins...Miley doesn't like them either. BUT she likes to go to the groomers?!?!? what's up with that! Hey I posted a blog today so I think you should go comment!!!!

  2. LOL at the I'm gonna bite you face while in the bath.