Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Animals Of La Cumbre

While mom was gone she took lots of pictures of different kinds of animals to show me! 

Some are very strange looking like these big cow/oxen.  I would not want to upset them!


On my mom’s day off while she was in Old Town in Santo Domingo, she found this poor dog.  He was starving to death and mom could not handle it. She was not allowed to pet the animals because of the diseases that the animals have there.   She said it was a hard rule to follow because she wanted too pet him so badly!

She looked through her bag and fed him tons of Cheese-Its.  Mom said that he ate them up.  Then as the got on the bus he wanted to follow her.  She was scared that he was going to get hit.  Hopefully, he is okay and someone will feed him!


Here is a lizard that she got a picture of.  Mom said that the picture really does not show how pretty and green he was.  Hey mom, how’d you know it was a boy???


Mom said that there were lots of chickens there!


IMG_7689   IMG_7891

A few cats also caught moms eye!


Mom said that there were lots of dogs in La Cumbre.  There were black ones…


White ones…


Black and white ones…


But she said that this little dog stole her heart while she was there.


On there very first day mom found this little cutie outside of a small store. 

The owners of the store fed him chicken skin all through the day, so she was always eating.  He was covered in little bugs and his skin and hair was in bad shape. 


Mom was so upset with how he was treated.  Some people in La Cumbre are mean to the dogs and this little puppy was being kicked at and yelled at a whole lot she said.  Mom said she could take it no longer and when someone was mean to it, she would shake her finger and say no to them. 

She also said the first two days that he didn’t have a collar on.  But when she walked into the village on the third day he had a make shift collar tied around his neck.  She is hoping that someone she that she was being nice to him and would start taking care of this little cutie!!!



Mom broke all the rules and could take it no longer and had to pet him.  She said that she thinks he  has never been loved on and he would just melt into her hand as she would rub his head.  Mom is such the rule breaker, but in this case I am so glad that this little one got some much needed love and attention!


         Mom said that she wanted to sneak him back into the states but she was sure she would have been caught in the airport with him.   She said that hopefully he would be there next year waiting for her and she was going to being him some treats!!


  1. Heartbreaking all those needy animals. My MOM would not be able to not pet and love them. Good for your mom for breaking the rules.

  2. That is so sad about all the helpless dogs! It must have been so hard for your Momma to stay away from them. I'm so glad your Momma broke the rules and gave that little cutie some lovin'! :)

  3. That's so sad!
    P.S. That third cat picture is incredible!

  4. that is so incredibly sad and horrific how dogs are treated. just looking at that innocent face of the puppy that was mistreated, i cant believe how anyone could be so cruel!

  5. That is so sad. I would have had a nervous breakdown if I had been there. Poor little things.
    Lynne x

  6. Aw, this is so sad. I am glad your Mom broke the rules, too. I would have, even if it meant that I would get sick! I might have even stolen that little puppy and brought her home.


  7. I noticed that most of the animals were quite skinny! So sad!

  8. A lot of animals in poor countries are malnourished. But then, so are the people. It's hard to be judgemental about it.

    What we do when we visit such places is to go to bakeries and shops and buy up a bag of biscuits and bread, kibble, whatever looks faintly nutritious and something that dogs might eat. Then we travel with the bag so we're always ready. Amazingly, some dogs will not eat these things even though they look like they're starving because they've never had them before! Butchers in third world countries are often very cheap (by our standards). What dog would turn down some nice raw meat? Scraps are always a favourite as well. We save them from our meals.

    We've patted heaps of strays and have never caught any diseases from them. Good on you for breaking that "rule". May you break them again on your next visit :) x

  9. YAHOO for breaking the rules! Those poor sweet pups.


  10. I'm glad your mom had some Cheez-its to give that black and tan dog! Elka loves Cheez-its, and of course ANY dog with markings like that makes me think of her.

    I'm glad that puppy gained a collar, maybe he does have somebody who will love him now!

  11. Mum is terrible when she goes on holiday. Last time she adopted about 6 cats and 2 dogs and they used to line up outside her rooms every evening to be fed. She had to buy a huge salami every day!! Deccy x

  12. Awww, mom! I know how you feel. We have dogs who are in such conditions in our city and I am also helpless to do anything especially since we aren't as progressive as other countries.

    There are instances that I just want to carry puppies that are in awful conditions into my home, but I know that I can jeopardize the health of my dogs as well as not take good care of them so I am also torn and heart broken.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  13. So sad and that is the hardest part of going to other countries where the people are poor and the animals are neglected. We ditto Declan's story as that is what we do. Very hard to walk away. Have a happy Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. oh it's heartbreaking to see how poorly people can treat sweet animals...i wish you could have brought them all back home...

  15. Ugh. It's so hard to see these pictures - and I'm sure even harder for your mom to see these conditions in person. These are the conditions from which our Bella came also. It's heartbreaking but oh so complicated to try and fix. I'm glad she was able to offer some treats to the black and tan dog and that she finally broke the rules and gave that little pup some love and affection. At least now he knows such.

    Your mom's a good person going there every year to help out the village. Welcome back.

  16. Aww all the pooches and kitties just melt my heart. I hope they all find or have good homes.

    Auntie Jen Jen and Ginger