Friday, July 6, 2012

I Am Alive, I Promise

I am still alive if you are wondering.  My mom had been super busy…

With Packing!!

Yep, she is leaving me again!


I have spent my time in the middle of  her packing, making it much harder than it should be!  BOL!!

So where is she going?  To the Dominican Republic.  She goes every year on a mission trip to help in a village called La Cumbre.

I am sure going to miss her, but I am trying to not be sad because of all the stories she tells every year when she comes home.  Who  am I kidding, I have been putting on a major guilt trip ever since the suitcases came out!!

She is leaving tomorrow and will not be back until the wee hours of the 15th.

Although I might die in dad’s care, I am trying to be strong for mom so does not miss me so much!

I am sure my blogging could be non-existent because dad is no help when it comes to helping me do a post.  Don’t give up on me, hopefully I will get some blogging in, but no guarantees!


  1. Higgins, we will miss you but you know what, your Mom is amazing to do what she is doing so we are sending you big bouncy happy paw thoughts from here to help you get through the week (but hey, I'm with you on making the packing harder - I've been known to sit in a suitcase if need be). Hope your Mom has a rewarding week. We think she is amazing for doing what she is doing! But we will miss you.



  2. That sounds very exciting. I hope your mama comes home with some good piccies and stories.

    How come it's almost always dogmoms who blog, you think?

  3. Hope you don't get too lonely without Mum Higgins and Dad spoils you.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. Higgins we love you trying to help mum pack , not! Wishing mum a safe trip. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You know how to slow the packing process buddy. I hope your mom has a SAFE and Fast Journey. Remember... dads are real pushovers when it comes to Snacks. ENJOY.

  6. Be strong, dear Higgins! Be strong!

    We hope your mom has a safe trip. It is a great contribution to the world what she is doing.

    We hope that you enjoy your Dad's company. I hear Dads can be very lax when it comes to mischief.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. That's so cool that your mom does that.

    Ask for some extra treats!


  8. It is very selfless your mom does it, but I know it does not make it better for you buddy. Maybe your dad will let you hang your head out the window for a ride and feed you all sorts of yum yum yummies.

  9. No way! Not again! It is so nice of your Momma to help out the less fortunate, but what about you? what about Mr. Mantastic? I know you need your Momma, but you have to do the right thing and be strong......again!

  10. Not again! Can't you fake a limp or something to make her stop! :) Ofc you can't do that... your mom would be worrying too much... and you might get put back in jail.

    I think what she is doing is great. I hope that she is safe and blessed during her trip... and she has lots of opportunities to help and minister to the people there.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  11. Your mom is awesome! Too bad you couldn't sneak into the suitcase and go with her! Just saying....

    She'll be home soon...not to worry!

  12. Isn't this a case of severe cruelty Higgins mate? I'd be reprting Mom if I was you! Deccy x

  13. That is very generous of your Mom. I am sure she gets as much in return as she gives.