Friday, May 9, 2014

Guess What….I Am BACK!

Hey Y’all!!!  Can you believes it?  I am finally back!  It’s a miracle…


Just in case you furgot what my manstasticlly handsome self  looks like….

It’s been a crazy and wild few months since I last posted.  Which was in January, January 6th, for the Dog-a-tary’s notes…..she’s the main reason I have not been blogging!  The nerve.

On her defense, she had to go the dogter in January and stay there overnight for a surgery.  Then it took 2 months for her to get better.  All she did was lay around, so I am a little confused on why she didn’t blog fur me….

She said it’s because her yap-top died….but we do have another compawter on the desk, but she complained that it is a dinosaur.  Oh well, that what’s she is using, cause I could not wait any longer to visit my furiends!

I have missed you and have so much to tell you…

Oh yeah, we still have Niles….In this picture, he is sleeping….it’s the only time he behaves.


He is such a brat.  Anyhoos, it’s all about me, not Niles, so….


One last picture of me before I head off to go and visit y’alls blogs!!


  1. OMD...You's back!! Me's doin' da Weenie Jig of Happiness! My ASSistant has been pretty tied up too the last couple of months with my human sissy's illness. Taking care of grand peeps can be hard work ... :) Say HI to Niles fur me!


  2. Great to have you back and we have missed you. Lovely to see your mantastic self and little Niles. Sorry mum's yaptop died but we so know how frustrating it is trying to use those old beasts. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. HOT BOMBDIGGITY YOU are BACK... THIS is Super GRRRREAT. We are SOOOOOOO happy to see you buddy.
    Sorry that your mom had the sickies and surgery and dino Laptop and stuffs butt what counts is that SHE is BETTER and YOU are BACK. OMD this is grrreat.

  4. Hi Higgins!!!!! Glad you are back and just as handsome as ever!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. WooooHooooo!!! Oh Higgins, I have SO missed your ManTastic self!!!
    I am doin' happy zoomies all overs!! You are lookin' as handsome as evers!!
    So glads your Moms is feelin' betters! Nothin' worse than sick Moms.
    So glads your back!
    Ruby ♥