Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mischief-Move Me, I Dare You!

After my moms surgery, the dogter gave her lots of things she could not do. 

One of the biggest was not to lift anything over 5 lbs for 87 weeks…..fur real!

As y’all know, I have big mantastic muscles and they alone weight 87 pounds….

At furst, it was not a big deal.  Dad was always around helping mom out and would simply put me in the bed with mom….

 IMG_3513 IMG_3526 

We spent most days watching TV and snoozing (which is my favorite thing to do)!!!!


Then the no lifting 87 pounds quickly turned into a BIG problem!  If dad was not around, I would have to wait fur someone to pick me up….I don’t like waiting.  I would whine at mom and she kept telling me that there was nothing she could do!

Well, I showed her!!  I quickly took matters into my own paws!


One morning while she was having her morning coffee, I decided to hop on the table….There was nothing she could do about it!  When she got on to me, I looked away!!  BOL!!!


Then that evening, I did it again!  BOL!!!!

I was quite  proud of myself…until dad got home….Let’s just say, I was done jumping on the table!  Dad’s are mean, just sayin’.


  1. We've done things to Mom when she had restrictions. We warn you she got even when she was back on her feet.

  2. Higgins you are a clever one and such an athlete. Play bows to you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. BOL. You are a great jumper. I've never tried to jump on our table. Looks like fun (if ya don't get caught).

  4. Don't ya just LOVE it when you can get away with stuff while they're WATCHING?


  5. BOL you know how to play her
    Lily & Edward

  6. Geeeee Higgins... that dogtor should have fixed your mom up better.. so that she could have lifted 187#'s that would have been FINE.
    Sorry that you had to take matters into your OWN Paws that way... and even MORE Sorry that your DAD came along and messed up your careful planning that way.
    BUTT we hope your mom is better soon and that thingys get back to normal.

  7. First time visitor. Came over on the Monday Mischief blog hop. Nice blog!

  8. Oh you pups are adorable! How can you inspect the table top from the floor? Humans, who can understand them?

  9. Hi Higgins! we saw your nice comment, and thanks for saying we are beautiful!
    I have to tell you that I love to get on the tables - coffee table, end table AND if the peeps aren't looking and they leave the chair out - yep I am right up on the dining table BOL!!
    Hazel & Bailey too!

  10. It's the best when you can get away with things even while being supervised! Way to take matters into your own hands.

  11. Dude, the dads looks out for the moms. It's their job. But nice work getting onto the table!

  12. BOL, that's totally something my boys would do too if they could actually reach the table.

  13. Hahahahaha! Hilarious! Great photo captures! heehee. Stopping by from the Monday Mischief Blog Hop clan...