Sunday, May 24, 2015

Niles Is Still On My Nerves

Remember Niles?  The little brat, errrr, I mean little brother that joined our family on Christmas Eve 2013?  Well, I certainly do.... he is a pain in my fur!  Mom thought I needed a baby brother....grrrr.

Anyhoos, in case you furgot what he looks like, here he is.....

We are still having issues with Niles learning his place.  He thinks that he can just curl up in my mom's lap anytime he wants too.....It causes quite the fuss, most of the time.  Here he tried to get in her lap, but as you can see, I clearly pushed him off to the side while he snored and took my rightful place!

The other place he likes to get......right on her shoulder and he gets tangled in her hair!  He thinks he is a parakeet!  BOL!!!!!

I have somewhat tried to accept him, but it is still a work in progress!  He will never reach Mantastic status like me, so no worries there!

1 comment :

  1. Poor Higgins! I'm sure Niles will come to understand that you're the alpha boy. :-)