Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On The Road And Bad Intermutts....

Hey y'all!!  Sorry sorry for the lack of comments the last couple of days....we have had bad intermutts at our house and I have no been able to get on the intermutt hardly at all!  My dogatary gets frustrated and start fussing!  Grrrrr......

Anyhoos, I am on the road traveling down to visit Ginger, Matt and Tilda!  I am posting from my mobile command unit from the back seat of a Camry!  BOL!!!  Here is my mobile command center...

We are currently in Georgia and it seems to be taking 87 hours to get there!!!!!  Here is the official Georgia sign....apparently they are on my mind......actually, foodables and leaving some PeeMail is on my mind!!

At this current moment I am doing my best to make my mom jealous!  It's working, I can tell!!  She hates it when I give dad some love!!!

Anyhoos, just wanted to check in so y'all didn't think my dogatary took another hiatus!  I will be visiting y'alls blogs, but may be really busy playing with my cussins to post a lot!!!

Don't furget to leave a comment on Monday's blog so y'all have a chance to win!!  Cookie is having trouble leaving anyone else having issues??

Next time I see y'all I will be in Sunny Florida!!!!!


  1. OMD GUYS..... we TOTALLY understand the LACK of respectable InterMutts...

    WHAT????? WHAT???? You have a MOBIL COMMAND UNIT??? that is ASTOUNDING.... we are MOST jelly of THAT....
    HAVE a SUPER time..... and don't furget to leave PEE Mails In EVERY state... We love doing that...

  2. Ugh, the intermutts are spotty here too lately. I hope you're having fun traveling!

  3. Our internet has been all weird today, too! Safe travels and see you soon.

  4. We're having internet issues, too! I've had to use my iPhone as a hotspot for my computer.

  5. Have fun - please tell Ginger that she, along with you, won a book in the Blogville Recruit a Pal - Mom just needs an email address to send you a kindle copy or if you'd like a dead tree book, your address which you can leave in a post which she will not post. Safe Travels! Abby Lab

  6. GRRRRRRRR to bad intermutts!!!! You should hear the HBO wordies that come outta Ma's mouth when it happens!!!! Yikes! ☺
    Holy Road Trips Higgins!!!! Lookie at you and your Mobile command unit! I gots to get me one of those!!! I hopes you and your peeps have a FABulous time in Georgia...and eats a peach for me, okays?
    Ruby ♥

  7. Hoe excitings you son a RAOD TRIP!!! Woohoo.
    Have a great time
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Oooh, where oh where in Florida are you heading, Higgins?!? I am in Florida but I am WAY down south. Safe travels!

  9. I had problems last week with the intermutts. I could connect, but it was really super slow. So annoying!

  10. Higgies mum told my mum to try posting here again -- so here goes!!!!

    Toodle pip


  11. Yaaaaaaaay -- it worked!!!!!!!

    Oh, Higgie - I am so looking forward to our date for the square dance. Must get some pics to Dory soon, so she can post. Are you going to participate in anything else? Let me know so that maybe we can be in some together.


    Toodle Pip