Sunday, July 12, 2015

Puzzle OH NOSE!!

Mom got a wild hair and decided to buy a puzzle.....a hard one, that took 87 days to finish....

See Niles laying in Zoe's bed, looking all cute and innocent?

Niles thinks he is being funny, but Zoe get angry beclaws she thinks little dogs should be in little dog beds and not hers.....Anyhoos, mom decided that she thought it was cute too and took a picture of Niles AND thens she noticed something......a puzzle piece!!!!

Me and Zoe retreated to the back porch beclaws mom was using strong HBO words so we could laugh and tell dad what Niles did.....

Mom was determined to finish her stupid puzzle even though it was now going to include a chewed up piece much to my dismay beclaws truly, puzzle times, is a violation to Higgins time!

Can you see the piece that Niles chewed up?  Let me biggify it fur you so you can sees it real good.....

See it now???  Niles is now banned from all puzzle activities!!!  BOL!!


  1. Bol! My mommy and daddy love puzzles! My sister BabyBelle would eat em too!

  2. I haven't done any puzzles in awhile, but I do enjoy them! I remember once doing a 1000 piece puzzle on a card table in the family room. It took me 87 days too because it was all the same color, and I was shocked that I didn't lose any of the pieces.


  4. You sure do look adorable sitting on that puzzle!

  5. BOL!!!! BOL!!! OMD, I am LMAO!!!! Ma loves puzzles too, butts she knows I would slobber all overs it and make it mushy. Whatevers. Hey, Niles does look mighty proud of himself! hehehehe
    Butts, you're right, NOTHIN' should take away from Higgins-time!
    Ruby ♥

  6. BOL!!!!!! I wonder how that puzzle piece tasted. Probably a little flat.

  7. lolololol.....we are laughing and rolling around on our backs, which for us pugs who are built round, is a very hard activity to do!!!!!! our dad likes puzzles also.
    stella rose

  8. BOL MOL oh cousin Niles you is a mess!!! I hope Auntie Trice didn't use too many HBO words on you bahahahaha.

  9. I bet it was yummy. I like to chew on a good magazine myself.

    Ziggy Out!!