Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventure Hike For One

Okay, I will admit it….I read on others blogs Like Gospel of Goose and Four Legged Views, to name a couple about their great adventures!  I see them jump over big fences and carry huge sticks the size of trees and maybe I get a little jealous!  Just a tad!  My mom never lets me venture to far away from her to do big and scary things!  I may be a tad on the little side, but my adventure side is HUGE, not to mention that I am very mantastic!!

So I decided to do something about it….by myself!!  The other day my mom let me out.  Usually I stay close by the house and I never venture far off by myself, but not this time!  When I didn’t come back from being outside she got worried and came looking for me!  You will have to look close to see me…TeeHee!!

I did it!!!  A huge Goose and Bert sized adventure!!  I even jumped over a fallen tree!!  WOOOHOOOO!!  SO MUCH FUN!!


  1. Oh my gosh Higgins! Your the man! You really did have an adventure like Goose and Bert! I had to laugh at how your Momma's voice changes when she's calling you from firm to sweet!! BOL! I do the same thing! You better have a good long nap now buddy!

  2. Wow Higgins, you really went FAR! You looked SO tiny out there! Daisy's jealous - she'd like to have an adventure like that too. But Daisy doesn't obey the "come" command - ever - so we can't let her run. You're lucky to have such beautiful woods to explore!

  3. HIGGINS!!!!!! Yea buddy. Isn't it fun to go on an adventure? You can come with me and Bert (when he gets better) anytime you want. Yea you may be small but I can see you have an adventure heart the size of any big dog I know. I hope you get to take more adventures.

  4. Higgins Buddy, Dude, Manster, Master of the wild, lover of the run, you ROCK. I looked and I looked and I didn't even see you until you jumped over the log and headed back. WAs that a log?
    You have the greatest back yard in the world. Now I can see how your human might get a little worried when you get that far away cause what if a big ole owl scooped you up and carried you away. But I also think it is worth the risk.

    Here I am locked in my bedroom for a few more days. and there you are with that wonderful great wilderness.

    Yep Dude YOU ROCK.....and your cute too.

  5. Wow I thought for a minute you were a mouse! I bet you slept after that! Deccy x

  6. Jump to 1 minute to see Higgins! LOL. You got me worried there, Mr. Mantastic.

    Well, I'm proud of you. You just got your first adventure.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. Bol great adventure Higgins!
    Dachshund Nola

  8. That was soooo cute! I couldn't see you for a long time and then you came a runnin! Indiana would have been off into those woods never to be seen again. Glad you came back!

  9. Oh Higgins, the adventures we could have in your back yard!

    the brown dawgs

  10. Wow, Higgins, you went such a long way, miles and miles.
    You are much more brave than us!
    We loved seeing your video and what a gorgeous place you live in!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. Higgins, you're so fast! I couldn't see you for ages because I'm watching on my little phone so I didn't see the tree bit. Your backyard is amazing. It's as big as our park! I'm awfully jealous.