Thursday, March 29, 2012

OMD, Another Dog!!!!!

While my mother was off to parts unknown last week, her absence allowed for the adopted son to sneak in a dog!  When mom is away, the children do play…I warned her!


Meet Zoe, my arch nemesis!

Can we just say that I don’t like her very much….actually that is a huge understatement!  I loathe her!

She comes into MY yard and acts like the alpha dog when clearly we already have an alpha dog….ME!  It is causing much yard drama around our house!

Take this morning…I was relaxing on the front porch with the parents, enjoying some quite time when she has the nerve to stick her head into my sight!  THE NERVE! 

Of course, I told her all about it!  Check out my video!


  1. Well Higgins, Zoe is beautiful and I'm sure once she knows her place around you, you will get along fine! You were kind of being a little dramatic there though, weren't ya? BOL!

  2. Ha! What a cheek Zoe has got.
    We were all joining in on your behalf there, hehe.
    We are sure you and Zoe will be the best of friends soon though.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. You're going to hurt your voice if you keep up like that!

  4. Higgins, I can understand. But maybe Zoe can become a friend and you can show her a thing or two. But you must maintain that you are the KING, cuz you are.

  5. Give it time, siblings are special. ;-) Family is very important. Don't be too rough on poor Zoe!

  6. Give it time! I HATED my sister Boston when she first came home, but nOw we play all the time
    Dachshund Nola

  7. Uh oh! Sorry about that Higgins! But like Nola said - give it time! I bet you will be friends in no time!

  8. Hey, Susie-Belle Schnauzer says be nice to your lovely new sister, sisters are great, she wants more but the humans aren't playing ball with that idea right now, stupid as they are.

  9. Well the absolute cheek of her! No wonder you're so cross mate! Deccy x

  10. She probably just wants to be your girlfriend but your being to grouchy to find out ;) LOL love you Higgies.

    Wags and Kisses,

  11. Boy, Higgins, the cheek of her. Seriously. Mind you, she looks lovely and you know, she might end up being a great friend. Yes, I know, that sounds so sensible of me but sometimes, the ones who start out the most annoying end up being the best buddies!



  12. Aw Higgins! You made it pretty clear to her how you feel about her. The nerve!!!!! You know, she reminds me of Lady, my human's friend's dog who sometimes tries to come stay with us. I give her hell all the time. ;).... but I secretly also consider her a loved friend.

  13. Super blog, nice video, thanks for sharing...

  14. Gorgeous! Are her eyes really emerald or is that a camera effect?