Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy Weather


The past few days around my parts we have been experiencing Blackberry Winter.  I’ll be honest…not my favorite thing!  We finally have beautiful sunny weather which I love because I can get all sunny warm, then we have to endure chilly.  Grrrr.  It’s very cool during the day and down right freezing at night, makes me a little unhappy!   So I have been staying snuggly warm in my blanket!!


I even had to breakout the winter hoodie because it’s been so cold!  The sad thing is dad didn’t want to turn the heater back on because he likes the cheaper electric bill,  I however need warmth!   Mom has been sneaking the heater on while dad is at work and then she turns it down low at night so he doesn’t realize it!!  Teehee!! 

Mom said the weather has been strange all winter, but mom isn’t it Spring?


  1. Wow Higgins, MOM and I slept with the window open last night. I hope your Spring and sunshine return soon to you. Keep warm friend.

  2. I know, this cold weather sucks! I think I have the heat up higher than before and the fireplace going too! Try to stay warm snuggled in your blanket Higgins, it shouldn't be too much longer now until we get warm weather again! I hope! :)

  3. OHHHH That weather can be such a bully. Be we are glad that your mama is so sneaky. She has to make sure you are keeping warm. We will be sending you warm thoughts!!! ~Weinerful Gang~

  4. I agree, I'm not a fan of this springtime! It got super cold last night and the night before :(

  5. Thank dogness it is getting warmer and we can all save on the heating bills. We feel the cold too, so does Mum. Good thing you have your blankie to keep you warm Higgins!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Dont worry mine sneaks the heat on too, BOL Least you are keeping warm in your blanky


  7. It has been cold here too. I could snuggle in that blanket with you Higgins. :)

  8. It's been cooler here too. Stay warm!
    Dachshund Nola

  9. Your dad sounds like My Cushion. It could be a man thing. Maybe they like to look tough. Bet he had thermals on under that brave front ;)

  10. You are smart to stay under that warm blanket! The weather is crazy by us, too!

    Your pal, Pip