Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Mischief

It’s been a busy weekend around our house as I am sure for many household all due to a certain Easter Bunny and his so called appearance!

Mom was busy  making some strange deviled eggs that looked like chickens…


When she was done, the whole family headed off for an Easter Dinner….but they forgot someone really important….ME!

Mom said that there would be lots of little kids around and I would not like it one bit, so she felt it was better that I stayed at home.  Hmpth.  I didn’t like that at all.

So you know what I did??  When they finally got home, I went out to hunt me an Easter Bunny!  Of course I never found one, but I might have found some of its poop….good enough for me!!


I wish you could have seen the awesome swan dive when I plopped right down into it!  BOL!!  I bet I do not get left behind again!

Well, after mom got hold of me, it was not a laughing matter…instead I got an Easter bath!

Grrrr, I hate baths.


  1. Darn! For once it seemed like you out smarted her Higgins!foiled again! Love the deviled eggs your Momma made with the tops on them! I attempted some colored ones. You can see them on my Recipe blog here

  2. Those are just the cutest deviled eggs I have ever seen I love 'em

    urban hounds

  3. Uh oh Higgins,

    Glad you found some Mischief buddy - but sorry you ended up having to pay for it with a bath!! Doh!!

    I hope today is a better day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. The dreaded post poop bath, ya that's happened around here too.

  5. Those eggs are very cute, Mum likes your plate too.
    Hope that rabbit poop was worth the dreaded bath.
    Little kids are our least favourite things (aside from baths).
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. LOL. Deviled Eggs and Easter Bath. Looks like Mr. Mantastic had one of the best Easter adventures.

    Well, at least you got more hugs and kissies since you were smelling extra good that day.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. You showed them Higgins, didn't you? lol

    the brown dawgs

    1. Oh and our human meant to say that the eggs look yummy cool!

  8. Way to go Higgins! And OMD those eggs are adorable!!!!!
    Dachshund Nola

  9. Aww, sorry you got an Easter bath, Higgins. I believe that's what they call adding insult to injury!

  10. NOOOO not an Easter bath. Oh come on, Easter is the time for giving your best friend treats and love. Not a bath....grrr. We are writing a letter. ~Weinerful Life~

  11. I would have done the same Higgins! Sorry about the bath - they really aren't any fun at all!!



  12. Can I recommend fox poo if you can get some... soooo much smellier! Deccy x

  13. Oh No!! No one should have to get a bath on Easter!!! It's a holiday! Couldn't your Mom have found a close pin until Monday? :-) Hope you have recovered from your Easter and are nice and 'doggy smelling' again!!

  14. Oh no, poor Higgins! They left you and then they *bathed* you? Why, that's just adding insult to injury, that is. :o