Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mantastic Sous-Chef and Hot-Mess Assistant

Fur all y'all that don't know what a Sous-Chef is, here is a definition:

A Sous-Chef de Cuisine also Under-chef of the kitchen is a chef who is "the second in command in a kitchen; the Mantastic Dog ranking next after the head chef."

Dis is me, da Mantastic Sous-Chef....

I is the second in command to mom while she cooked fried chicken!!!

Dis is Niles.....we will call him the Hot-Mess Assistant to da Mantastic Sous-Chef Higgins....

See all that flour on Niles??  That is beclaws he is trying to trip mom so she will drop da chicken!  All he did was turn into a reverse Dalmatian!  BOL!!!  Get it, he's black with while spots...BOL BOL!!


Thanks to my excellent Sous-Chefin' pawesome abilities the fried chicken turned out marvelous!!!  As for Niles, he needs lots and lots more training befure he can become a Manstatic Sous-Chef like me!!

OHHH and fur the was paw lickin' - lip smackin' yummy!!!!


  1. Da best part of being a sous chef are gettin to sample!

  2. OMD, Higgins, you make the bestest sous chef evers!!! Niles will just have to learn from you...obviously...☺ Butts, I do admire his offense...have tried that myself a time or just got me kicked outta the kitchen! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  3. Mmmmm fried chicken. Mommy can't has the fried foods right now so can ya mail us some ;)

    Ginger, Matt & Matilda