Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My New Best Furiend

Meet my newest best furiend…..the portable heater!!!!

This Mantastic Chihuahua is made fur warm weather, not this chilly stuffs….

I am not looking furward to the cold hard winter that is quickly approaching!


  1. we have a best friend like that - only ours is a portable air conditioner - it can never be too cold for us :)

  2. Oh yes, that looks like a pawfect snuggle buddy friend...but don't let it too close to your foodables, don't want it getting any ideas there!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Hi Higgie, can I call you that?
    Thanks so much for saying I'm pretty!!
    I'm looking for a fella. Do you think you'd like to be my boyfriend? If you are already taken I'd understand.

    BTW........Aunt Judy makes boy harness if you're interested.

    Love.......Sammie Jean

  4. yep I lay on our register when it gets cold....stella rose

  5. That would be my favorite place in the house too. My heater went out and I got it fixed at the beginning of the year. Before the guy got there, the chi's and I huddled under the covers in bed with a space heater facing us. I hope the winter won't be nearly as bad as you're anticipating.

  6. BOL!!! OMD, Higgins, I forgets that you are a short haired doggie! Hey, if you wants, I can send you some of my curly furs so you can stay warm this winter! hehehehe
    Ruby ♥