Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Niles And The Bunny Slippers

Mom got these really super cute Bunny Slippers a few weeks ago at the gettin' store....

Niles like to steal mom's Bunny Slippers when she is not wearing them....she always knows it's him that steal them beclaws he is also know as the Bathroom Garbage Bandit!  

He has not learned yet to cover the evidences of crimes!!!!  

Here is a picture of the loots the he stole out of the garbage can and the pawrents bedroom....

Thens when mom is wearing her Bunny Slippers he attacks them and wont let go!!!!!  She walks around the house pulling her leg and Niles with her!!!

I sure feel bad fur mom's Bunny Slippers....they have Niles toofer marks all over them!


  1. The same thing happens at our house wif flip flops.......................stella rose

  2. Oh yes, same here, I luffs a flippy flop and ALL slippers, don't care if there's a foot in them or not they're MINE!!!!!
    And all bins have been moved outta my reach as well!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. well it is a doggies natural instinct to hunt bunnies :)

  4. OMD, that is why Ma can't wear slippers!!!! BOL!!! Just thinks of a 60lb doggie doin' the same thing! hehehehe OH...and the slobbers...ewwwwwe! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. OUr bathroom garbage sets on the back of the toilet or Hazel & Mabel would have all the tissue ot of it! Way to go after those bunnies Niles
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. That is kind of funny(snickers). I hope the slippers keep Mommy warm.

    Ziggy Out!!

  7. Oh nose we has a bad feelin' those slippers are not gonna last long..BOL MOL

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda