Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Was Neglected

I, Higgins, was neglected and I blame Lynne.

Who is Lynne you ask.  She is Dip, Bridge and Elliot's mom.

She had this horrible idea to start something called:

The Blogsville Ladies Crochet Society.

  She even had a badge made….OMD.  This seems serious.


Yesterday Lynne wanted everyone to make a dish rag.  You would have thought that my mom had won the lottery or something because she was so excited.  Before I could bring  back my squeaky toy for her to throw again, she was perched on the couch with yarn and crochet needle in hand.  Hmpth.

IMG_7421 IMG_7424

Here is her dish rag.  I was so glad that she finally got it done, because that meant it was all about me again.

Wait, there is more!  I heard something about this happening again….WHAT?  Another project will be coming?

I am starting to see a cycle of abuse in my life….

Crochet=Neglect, Neglect=Abuse

Y’all agree, right??


  1. OH YES... I heard and saw all about this new thingy... I am gonna hope that come September when Blogville has its SECOND annual Back to School Bash... she will teach one of the classes that we LOVE so much!!!

    BUTT... we gotta learn from YOUR PAIN... and make sure that the Wimmen... do not get all tangled up in their Yarns and FURGET US.

    I am soooooo very sorry that this TERRIBLE thingy happened to YOU... butt the good news is... Now your mom can use that spiffy new dish washering thingy... to keep your Food and Water Bowls all sparkling clean!!
    BRAVO to your MOM!!!!

  2. Oh oh, My Mom crochets too! She may want to get into this! Now she will have another excuse not to love on me! UGH!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  3. Ooh, crocheting? I know how to crochet! I'm sorry that you felt neglected, Higgins, but sometimes the yarn calls!

  4. Poor Higgies, but your Mamma's dish rag is very pretty :)


  5. I heard about this and sorry about being neglected!! I know the feeling, cuz the same thing happens to me when mine gets all crafty and stuffs.


  6. You little fibber Higgins - you are not neglected at all!
    Your mum has done a fantastic job with her dishcloth, we love the colours (and she got the shape more square than our mum, hehe)
    Welcome to our world, neglect by crochet is a way of life now, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Oh Higgins, you wanna come and stay with us when she does the crochet thing? We would love to have you come and play.

  8. Oh I'm with you mate! Other Mum is at it too. It's just very fortunate that Mum is too stupid to crochet, or I might not have been fed! Deccy x

  9. Oh, Higgins! Yes you have been neglected, but think of all the clean dishes you'll have for your Momma to put your food in. She was really only thinking of you when she made that wonderful dish cloth! She did a great job! I am going to attempt it myself. :)

  10. I remember when I was little my grandmom taught me to crochet around a coat hanger with fluffy yard to make it soft... and you wouldn't get those little weird humpy things on your shoulders. That is the ONLY crocheting I know how to do!!

    It is so nice to meet you! I'm glad that Mayor Frankie mentioned me so I could get to know some members of Blogville! He is just the greatest, isn't he??

    I have added you along to my Google Reader, Twitter and Google Friend Connect so now I can keep up with all the stuff going on in your house.

    AND I'm thankful, cause your name made me start singing "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady instead of that song Puddles gave me that has been roaming around my head for a month now!!

    Have a great Sunday!
    Shelle, Milo and Dixie

  11. Herlo Higgins yoor mumm! Heehee, eetz tha sayme herre, ma mummer ees liye crowshey krotchit crowshie awll da tiyme since lynne's posht heehee! Dat ees a veri niyce badge... heehee... i is jusht sayin dat kus eet was ma mummer whoo mayde eet fur lynne heeheehee! Mummer says yoor mummer's dishkloth looks GRAYTE!! love n likkers, pdorg xox