Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits (with Ginger)

ginger reading the news_thumb[3]

It has been a long two weeks.

First I got a virus of some sort and was not feeling to peachy


Mom took me to vet and he put me on some medicine that made me feel way better until yesterday when I got another bout of the crud so I am back on the meds.

In other news:

This guy showed up a week ago on Dad’s Birthday during a rain storm. Made himself right at home in my garage.  What’s up with that.


Mom Searched for his owner by car and on foot with no luck  :(

She figured it was raining and he was scared so no biggie he could stay a while and when it stopped raining his owner would be looking for him. I had my paws crossed.


Boy was she wrong on that one. 

After calling every vet in the county the next day, all the shelters, getting him scanned for a chip, putting an ad on Craig’s list and putting signs up at the local store we got….

Nadda, Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nothing


I felt kinda bad for the big horse.  I mean if I was lost my Momma would put up signs on every street corner and would be calling every shelter and vet to find me.

Mom  felt bad for him to, so she gave him a bath, de-fleaed the big fella and waited to see if maybe just by chance his owner would show up by the end of the week.

Still Nada, Zilch, Zero, Nothing

Mom say’s the poor guy got a rash from either all the flea bites or he is allergic to something so now he is on some meds and is healing up nice.

IMG_2906 IMG_2926

This was the before shot, Mom has not gotten around to the after shot. (Mom added the after shot this morning.)

Brother has now named him “Matt” for the time being til we find his owner or a new forever home. (Why Matt who knows…Me and Mom were thinking Buddy, Rex, Mac, Dino Dog, Godzilla, but brother thinks Matt is the perfect name)

Mom and Dad say I can’t meet him so I just keep my eye on him from the safety of my window.  I think we would get along nicely but they don’t want me to get attached and fall in love since we are only a temporary home for him.




Mom actually said last night that she might have found him a new home.

I am sure gonna miss our long stares thru the window screen ;)


  1. Our paws are crossed a new home is found. How kind of you to go to so much trouble.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I sure hope Matt finds a new home although he is looking pretty comfy at your home! It was so nice of your Momma to take him in and take care of the poor guy! :)

  3. That's so nice of your humans to take such good care of him until he can find a forever home! He sure is lucky to have landed at your house!


  4. Matt is very handsome. And four paws up to your MOM for caring for him till he gets his very own forever home. Praying for the best for Matt.

  5. Oh that sounds so familiar. Last January on my Dad's birthday he was coming home from work and picked up "Annie"...in a rain storm. We did find Annie's owners and sent her home but then 2 weeks later they called and asked if we would consider adopting Annie since she seemed so lonely without my pack. So Annie lives here now...permanently.

  6. I am giving your mom an A+ fur all she has done fur MATT.

    Soooooo sorry that you had the Sickie Crud.. TWICE. GET TOTALLY well... SOON, OK?

  7. Sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. I hope the meds work their magic this time and you're up on your feet again soon.

    Your mom and dad really are something special taking in the big "horse" like that. I hope he finds his own forever home very soon.

  8. Aw, poor guy. Sounds like he was a stray. I actually hope he was because if he was in that bad of condition and he had an owner, he wasn't taken very good care of by him/her.

    We hope he finds a forever home and that you are starting to get well yourself!

    Nicole and Macho

  9. Oh, what a sweet thing your Mum did to take him in and look after him. Who knows what might have happened to him if he had been left to fend for himself. Kudos!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  10. He looks awefully sweet. Ya sure he can't move in? Hopefully his new home will be good to him.
    So sorry to hear your tummy was rumbling this week Ginger. Bostie healing power going out to you.


  11. Sure hope he has a good forever home soon!

  12. Sorry you are feeling so poorly. My tummy rumbles a fair bit - it's not fun is it? We do hope Matt finds a lovely fur-ever home. Your two legged ones are so lovely to look after him. It makes us very sad to think that Matt was maybe abandoned but how lucky he is to have such a lovely home until he finds somewhere permanent!



  13. You guys are so sweet to take the horse in and to even go to the vet and help him feel better from his rash and then to go and find him a great new home.
    Your the best

  14. Thank you all for your comment love and support. Still awaiting the phone call from the prospective new owners. Paws Crossed.


  15. Keeping paws crossed that he finds a furever home soon!