Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit

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If you have not heard our neck of the woods in getting a storm by the name of Debby.8040_390923504298102_842129237_n

She is messing up my sunning on the back porch and making of mess of our lakes, rivers and Streets :(

She has also caused some heartbreak at one of the surrounding counties shelters:

Bradford County Shelter Flooded and Lost 5 puppies.  They had to move all the remaining animals to the fairgrounds over there and get area rescue groups to come in and help. 

One particular group that Mommy follows called TARRA took in 19 and if you feel so obliged they need funds to take care of these babies.  You can go to their website http://www.taraajax.com/ to help and scroll down and see the cuties they are helping. They posted this last night on their FB page:

**UPDATE ON NEEDS FOR BRADFORD COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER** If you haven't heard yet, Bradford County AS suffered a flood last night and some of their animals perished. The animals that were rescued have been taken to Bradford County Fairgrounds. However, they are in need of several things. Only legit Rescues are allowed to pull animals, but the rescues will/may still need fosters. TARAA is helping toc oordinate transport and rescue for some of the animals. The main need request right now are: wire-cages, zip ties, bleach, paper towels, bedding (old towels or blankets), fans (as it is so hot for the stressed animals), extension cords, and food. DONATIONS CAN BE TAKEN TO...ACPS and left in the FOJA room w/Bradford County marked on the items; the Urban Flats fundraiser on Tues night, and via Summer Swindell. Please share/repost and help in anyway you can. THANK YOU from us all!!  BRADFORD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS: 2300 North Temple Avenue Starke, FL 32091

It is so sad. 

The waters are just rising so fast around here places are flooded before you know it and we are expected to get a lot more before the week is out.

Mom and Dad brought our new stray Matt  into the garage the first night of the storm because the wind was whipping around and the rain was going in all directions, but yesterday the sun came out for a bit. Mom put Matt back in the back so he could run and play.


She also got our old dog house back from a friend that was no longer using it so Matt could be comfy cozy and dry when the next bands started coming thru.  He was all yay what is it at first.


Then he was all this is the life thanks guys later.


(sorry the dirtiness of our door but our old dog scratched it up and with all the weather it is a hot mess)

I have been enjoying stealing Dad’s chair and catching some Zzzzzz’s.  Tilda has been doing a lot of site seeing.  (She is getting brave with getting up close and personal watching Matt)


Keep us in your prayers and have a barktastic week. 

Stay safe my furry furiends.


  1. Here is another place to send items they just posted on their FB page: For everyone interested in dropping of blankets, sheets, towels, etc: Please drop them off at Pleasant Point Animal Hospital, 14019 Mt. Pleasant Road, Jax., FL 32204. They would be greatly appreciated!

  2. You are in my prayers. And I'll have MOM head over to make a donation. Glad to see Matt being so comfortable and more importantly cared for.

  3. So sad about the Shelter.
    YOU stay HIGH and DRY and Safe. NUTTY weather....
    today it is 50 degrees here and in two days it is supposed to be 93... we have had NO rain in over 2 months.. and YOU are getting too much. NUTTY

  4. We have some friends on vacation there that are so bummed about this.

    Stay safe!


  5. That's a real shame about the shelter. Hope things don't get any worse for you all. Deccy x

  6. Ditto Deccy and we hope you are all over the worst of it. Do keep us posted.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Stay safe! We're having serious storms too

  8. That is so sad what happened at the shelter. We have lots of flooding here too. The weather people say it is the wettest June since 1864. We hope all the animals find people to take them in.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. No flooding here, but so much rain it is hard to get our Mindy to get her "business" done. Hope all the babies find new homes!

  10. So sorry to hear about that shelter. Stay safe!

  11. Oh, that is terrible!! We are dry as a bone in Tennessee! Stay safe and dry cousin!


  12. Such sad news about the shelter. I hope the rest of them will be OK.

    It finally stopped raining here last night. Hope we've seen the last of Debby. A lot of roads are flooded and a couple of tornado touchdowns in the area on Sunday but the coast has it so much worse. Sending prayers for a quick recovery.