Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Mom, The Crazy Pet Parent!

My mom has been beyond herself with worry since I got hurt on Wednesday, good grief!  I know she loves me, but my oh my, I am really feeling the love the past couple of days.  Right now she is getting on my nerves, so I am going to allow her to say a few things on my blog!!

Thank you Higgins.   I was asked by PAL to talk about being a pet parent and who knew almost four years ago when  Higgins made his appearance in our home, he would forever hold a piece of my heart.  Certainly not me!

I remember the day our middle son brought Higgins home.  He went to volunteer at a animal shelter but did way more than just volunteer.  At first, I was not a happy camper that he showed up back home with a little white fur ball in hand.  I remember telling him volunteering and bringing home animals are two different things!  HA!

It didn’t take long for Higgins to claim me as his favorite and his first night in our home, he snored very happily and very peacefully right between  me and my hubby in bed.  At that point I knew, I was an official dog mom!! 

The next four years that have followed, Higgins has brought so much joy and laughter into our home, I can say, he is more like a son than a pet!

When he got hurt on Wednesday I turned into a crazy parent trying my hardest to hold back the tears at the vet office, yep, again a crazy pet mom!  Higgins has added so much to our life, it was so hard to see him in pain and worry about what would happen next.  Of course, the news was not the greatest, but it could have been so much worse.  The good news, he is healing greatly, so two weeks of crate rest is very doable (shhhh, don’t tell Higgins I said that)!

I know that many that read Higgins blog are already pet parents but if you would like more information on the joys pets can add to your life, please visit the PAL Facebook page: 

I have the awesome opportunity to join with Pets Add Life campaign and this post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.

~Higgins Mom

Higgins here again!  Who knew my mom was so smitten with me!  Thanks mom for saying all those sweet things, I think you are pretty awesome too!


  1. Don't worry Higgins the rest will do you god and will be over in a flash pal. Mum's words were so sweet, you are a much loved pooch. Hang on in there friend. Have a good Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Mam, thats to much for me, I had to shed a tear. Peeps think we are there children, litte do they know, we pick them out and take good care of them, get better higgins, do that restie thingy.


  3. Dear Higgins Mom, IT is ok that you went all nutzy and crazy. It is ok that you cried, It is ok that poor Higgins had to be probed and prodded and x-rayed and it is ok to be a crazy pet parent.

    We critters expect nothing less. in fact, we encourage that kind of behaivor, no matter how Higgins tried to play it down.

    And that is why we love you.


  4. Dear Higgie's mama,

    I'm pretty sure you'd be slobbering over the mantastic one even without compensation from the pet products people ;) A pet owner who hasn't bawled over his or her pet hasn't lived LOL. I'm glad to to hear Higs is feeling better. Isnt it amazing what a few days rest can do? I'm panicking over what happens next though. Do you think they make egg boxes big enough to store our doggies in?

    Hope you're having a great weekend x

  5. Higgins Mum
    It must have been a very worrying time for you to see poor Higgins in such distress. He is a very lucky boy to have such a caring family. These little dogs just melt your heart, despite all their faults (which they would say they haven't any, LOL).
    So glad he is on the mend!
    Lynne x

  6. That's alright mom! We know what you mean. My beau thinks I'm a tad crazy for worrying to much for my dogs! And I guess that's a good thing because I do worry too much.

    We are truly glad that Higgins is healing well. We hope you the best and having a pet can do wonders to your life. We can attest to this as well. Have a great weekend.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. Hope you're improving every day (and staying quiet in that crate)

  8. Higgins you have a VERY special mom. My MOM says she completely understands how she feels, and what she is going through. I mean it's you she loves and and cares about like no other. Keep getting better buddy.

  9. Awwwe Higgins! You sure did win over your Momma's heart! And the first night too! I'm proud of ya buddy for sharing so much love! Get better soon!