Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Mischief

Before I get to the deaded mole incident, I will give you a update on Zoe.

Zoe is still getting most of the attention in our household. All she does in lay on the floor and mom and dad jump at every whimper and whine. She even had visitors this weekend.

Who knew getting hit by a car and having surgery was such an attention getter…I even snapped a picture of  her sticking her tongue out at me…MoMMMMMMM!

She does realize she IS an outdoor dog right?


Anyhoo.  Physical Therapy is in full swing and Zoe is not a huge fan.  Yesterday was her first signs of improvement as she was actually using her front legs , (which were not hurt in the accident), to army crawl to my mom.  I think she is trying to steal my thunder as top dog, but it ain’t happening!

The dogter said that she would have to have help walking fur two weeks and we are starting to agree, cause it has been a long weekend!  I think my mom and dad are thrilled with her progress, but I am thinking we need to get this show on the road!

IMG_8663 IMG_8665 

Yes, I have still been a good boy and have helped lots with the recovery of Zoe, but come on, let’s be honest.  I am jealous!  Just keeping it real!

Now on to me and my deaded mole incident!  But first, a picture of me, nekkid.


Why am I nekkid, you ask?  Well, while Zoe was in PT yesterday, I found me a deaded mole! 

I sniffed it, scratched at it and then circled around it.  Then, I sniffed it one more time before  I did a perfect 10 swan dive into it!

Teehee!  My shirt was covered in deaded mole!  From the distance, I heard my mom yell


But before she could get to me, I swan dived into it again!


I think that should learn her real good….I bet she will start paying me as much attention today as she has been showing to Zoe!


  1. OH MY Higgins, please give all your attention and help to Zoe, that is a very bad ochie, you will be back in the spot light when she can get around. But, we do agree, being the good guy you are does demand lots of attention, if for no other fact then to keep you out of trouble!!! Heeheehee.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  2. Wow Higgins a deaded mole is brilliant. Bet is smelt nice and high as we say over here. I could just go for a roll in roadkill right now. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OOOOOOH...Higgins! Ain't deaded mole da best ting ever since da invention of Milk Bones?

    Glad Zoe's makin some progress butt if I was hers, I'd milk it fur as long as possible.

    Just sayin!

  4. Was there a proper funeral? Poor little mole....may he R.I.P.

  5. Glad Zoe is coming along. I am sure the household knows you are top dog. And just in case the deaded mole incident will make sure they know it.

  6. So glad Zoe is recuperating and she stuck her tongue out! BOL you better be careful with those moles. But did it taste like chicken?
    Benny & Lily

  7. Umm...i bet Zoe is an inside dog soon. She's learning to woo the humans! So glad she's doing better!

    Awesome job with the mole. I'm impressed.


  8. Zoe needs TLC right now Higgins. Maybe you could be Zoe's nurse and win some points that could get you big rewards.
    Sweet William The Scot

  9. BOL! Higgins, Zoe needs the attention now. Play nice!

  10. Even though Zoe is recovering, you'd better keep your eye on her Higgins. Smooth move diving right into a deaded mole! hehehe

  11. thats nice to help out with Zoe, treats should flow for you!!
    We just sent you an e-mail.


  12. Woof! Woof!Oh poor little mole ... Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. I has been keepin' up withs Zoe and I am so sorry her has had to go through so much..but we has had hers in our thoughts all da time.
    I knows her is hurt but I still feels fur you in not gettin' all da limelight...hehehehe.

    Dude, WAY TO GO on da mole parfume. Hoomans just don't get it.


  14. Hope Zoe continues to get better. She is doing very well with her walking.
    Your tree looks lovely.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  15. Oh yum yum yum! Did you eat it after? Be nice to Zoe, Higs! She's feeling sad and ouchy and has a nekkid butt x

  16. We are very much glad to hear that Zoe is coming along so well.

    THAT must have been DELIGHTFUL... while it lasted.
    Ernie and I BOTH love the scent of a Good MOLE.. SO.. MANLY.

  17. It is SO good to hear Zoe is comin' along with her recovery! YEA! I love that she's learnin' all the attention gettin' tricks that make a good 'indoor' doggie. I thinks she's been watchin' you Higgins! Don't you worry, you will be the center of attention again VERY soon!
    Oooo, deaded mole guts! Ah, the sent of a true could you resist? I mean really. Your Moms has got to understand, right? Kudos, dude.


  18. That sure is one way to get attention mate! Have you tried rotting fish? Apparently it is VERY good...Deccy x

  19. I can totally understand, sharing the spotlight can be hard... But I'm sure you do really love Zoe...

    Also, I reckon your shirt would have smelt GREAT! Peeps, they just don't get it, do they?!

  20. We're happy to hear that Zoe is making progress. Good job rolling in the deaded mole, Higgins.

    Susan and Wrigs