Saturday, December 15, 2012

PAL-No More Sharing The Spotlight!

Today, I will allow my mom to post, on my blog, using her own words.  She has been so busy with Zoe that she has not helped me blog this week, but then she wants to hog my blog to talk to y’all.  She better be glad I love her so much!  Okay mom, it’s all yours…for just today!

Thanks Higgins…There is no doubt that pets add life…to our lives!!  You can ask any pet owner on this planet and we would all agree that there is never a dull moment when you own a pet…or in our case, another son!  Yep, Higgins would never settle for just being a dog, he feels he is human!

Each day, Higgins never fails in making me laugh.  I don’t know if he dreams up things every night to to get a giggle from me or what?!?  Every day, he seems to come up with something new, and yesterday was no different!

To say that he is over Zoe being in the house is a huge understatement!  He has tolerated just about all he can stand of her!  Yesterday he was going to give everyone an update on how she was doing and her progression with PT.  I went to snap a picture of her and he was not having it!

IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8675 IMG_8676 IMG_8677

Talk about a photo hog!!  HAHAHAHA!!  He made it impossible to get a picture of Zoe!  I love this little dog!!

Have you visited the Pets Add Life Facebook page lately?  If not, head over there and check them out!   And don’t forget their You Tube,  It will surly bring a giggle or two!

Oh, one more thing…there are so many pets in shelters.  This month we are all busy getting ready for Christmas and various other activities that dominate our time.  Take just a few minutes out of your busy life and visit a shelter to give some love to a homeless animal, or pick up an extra bag of food and drop if off!!

Better yet, if you want to add another furry family member into your home, always check your local shelter first!  I am sure there  will be an extra special someone there ready to share their life with you!! 


  1. The master of photobombing there Higgins. Have a super Saturday and we hope Zoe is well.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Way to photobomb the photo Higgins. As your mom said you did it jsut to make her smile. Job well done.

  3. HIGGINS... you BOMBED that Flashy Beast session FUR SURE. WAY to GO buddy.

  4. Give our love to Zoey. Very good photo shoot of you!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Oh Higgins, what were you to do really??? You just HAD to photo bomb Zoe. Only so much a ManDog can take! Plus, you had to remind us all, of what dreamy eyes you have...


  6. You tell that flashy beast what you really think
    Benny & Lily

  7. Awww! How can you not love that little guy! I hope all is going well with Zoe. :)