Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am Very Mad At My Vet….GRRR.

My vet told my parents to change my food…..AND THEY DID???



I am devastated!


He said what I was eating was not healthy for me at all!  He suggested Science Diet or Purina.  I am having some allergy issues, and mom was concerned.

Not concerned enough to make my food like Nola’s mom.  Grr.

Dad got a bag of Purina for me.  It had no green pieces at all.  I have hardly touched it.  Again, mom was worried I would starve to death and frankly so was I!  You know what my vet said???  He said I would eat eventually.  The nerve!  I didn’t.  Well I did, but just enough to live, not enough to make me happy. 


This Is Serious!

So mom went to the store and got me some Beneful and it has green pieces in it, but the only way I will eat them is if my mom hand feeds them to me! 

IMG_6051 IMG_6050 

She thinks that I am having trouble seeing the green pieces because they are a different green than my old food!  I am thinking that if  I continue to make her hand feed me she will finally get tired of  it and either

A.  Buy my old food again.              B. Make me some homemade food.

I sure hope that I do not lose another ounce…I am losing my mantastic figure!


  1. Well that just sucks, Higgins! There is nothing worse than having food we love taken away. Did your Momma mix your new and old food to start? That helps your body adjust and give you time to "maybe" like it. I have been there and done that with the whole hand feeding thing too! It's amazing what us Mommas will do for our babies. So, come on Higgins and help your Momma out and EAT! Please!

  2. Hey Higgins you know what, I eat Beneful. Trust me it's good. Give it time. But I totally respect the holding out for some homemade chow. I would hold out for that. Well maybe not, I don't think I am that strong willed when it comes to my food.

  3. Higgins,

    This is not good buddy!! I've been there too - those vets are tough!! I can't believe thy think it's ok to mess with our yummy food? They say it's for the best, but we know what tastes the best, right?!

    Anyway, enough moaning, now for some helpful commentary, my Mum found some really yummy - non-allergy food for me at Costco (it's in a red bag) - I don't even make Mum hand feed me anymore, she's too slow - I just gobble it all down straight away!!

    Good luck buddy, we can't have you losing your muscles Dude!!

    Big wags and stay strong,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Oh no! Weight loss?! Say it ain't so! Hopefully your mommy will continue to hand feed you the new food so you'll eat it.. or option A or B will hopefully happen instead! Option B might be nicer for you... everyone likes a home cooked meal every once in a while :) Hope things get better on the food front soon!

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  5. Oh no Higgins! No homemade? You could try Nutro Natural its an ok food
    Dachshund Nola

  6. Uh oh Higgins. My vet said I was fat and needed better food too. So we switched to Rotations. Yummy. I even did a review about it. I lost some weight and I feel great.

  7. Oh noes! Those vets are just evil.
    Your green bits must smell much better than the other ones, we are guessing.
    Hope your mum finds something you like soon.
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. My mum thinks you look so cute being hand fed. I have to eat food without green bits, and it's not even me that has allergies it's my sister Millie. So unfair.

  9. Dear, dear Higgins...We too are super picky about our kibbles. The peeps always have to go and change things on us...HMPF. If we might make a suggestion, give Royal Canine a try. It is supposed to be the most "palatable" food. Meaning, we will actually eat it (Mom tried like 40 other ones and we wouldn't touch it). It is high quality and kinda expensive, but Mom was desperate at that point. I thinks they have an allergy one too. Let us know how it goes!


  10. Hey Higgins.

    You're allergic to your old doggy food?

    I remember experiencing the same with my old dog. He never ate any of his dog food for an entire day. And I told the people in my sister's house to not feed him rice anymore, but because they pitied him so much, they did eventually. Now Buchi no longer eats dog food.

    Why don't you like Purina? Their Kibbles are colorful.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. Our Chancy eats Beneful and he loves it. We hope you get to where you love it too sweet Higgins or your mom can find something else for you that you will love and you won't be allergic to. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Nice to meet you! Just found your blog belatedly through the Pet Blogger Challenge.

    I hope you start eating soon! I promise that non-green food is just as delicious if you give it a chance.

  13. dear Higgins,

    you are lucky you live with your mama. My Typist would probably do what your Dr Dog said and let me starve till i eat. i'm always on a diet anyway and if there's even a smidgin of fat under my armpits, My Typist will grab it and say, "SEE? Less food tonight, Georgia Little Pea!"

    it's a sad household.

    on the other hand, all my meals are homemade [like Nola's]. it might not be much, but it's YUM :)

  14. Poor Higgies :( I hope he starts liking his new food soon.