Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy Day Saturday

Me and mom slept until 11:30am this morning.

Yep 11:30….ELEVEN THIRTY.  It was great!

Higgins sleeping 1 

BOL mom, take a picture of me sleeping.   Geeze the things moms do!

Mom is now making tons of fun of me….you know why???

Because less than 45 minutes after waking up from a wonderful night time slumber, she caught me doing this….

Higgins sleeping 1

What??  I don’t see the big deal…

…she just thinks I slept late this morning….

I actually was up guarding her all night long while she slept!

….I was protecting her from intruders…

…yeah, that's my story!


  1. You'd better stick to that story Higgins and maybe somebody will believe you.....I don't but maybe somebody! LOL!

  2. I slept that late!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. It takes a lot of hours for us to get our beauty sleep in! Mom is always saying I am only awake 2 hours out of 24 hours, I think she exaggerates.

  4. Sometimes you just need to catch up on some sleep! No big deal. Those humans...they never BELIEVE that we are always on the look out.

  5. Aw, such a cute sleeping photo!