Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bandit Time


Since  I am such a good brother and since Bandit finally got a haircut I thought it would be a good time to blog about Bandit some!!   Bandit is the middle sons Poodle.


Here is Bandit towards the end of his spa day…look like dad only has the feet left to cut.  Bandit has this look of  “be done already”!!  BOL!


After Bandit get 28.4 pound of his hair removed, he is always cold!  Here he is curled up in my moms legs for TV night. 

Mom says that she didn't want this picture posted because of her dirty socks.  I say that she knows better and should always put her shoes on and not walk outside in socked feet!  You see how hard it is to raise humans??   They should know better!

Note from mom:  I only walked a few steps out in the back yard  to call the dogs in and if I realized that my socks were this dirty I would have taken them off…


Last night Bandit was so funny!!  Dad was having a bowl of chicken noodle soup and Bandit did everything to get his attention…I think he wanted a tiny bite!!

As you can see, dad paid poor Bandit no attention…Looks like I am going to have to teach Bandit a few tricks on getting a bite of something you really want!!

So that is a what Bandit has been up too…there is never much to report from him cause he is always such a goodie two shoes and never gets into any trouble!!  I keep telling him that if  he wants more screen time, he has to walk on the wild side a bit!!  BOL!!!


  1. Theres nothing wrong with being a good doggie,sometimes they get the most attention...but sassy dogs get attention too...alot of scoldings, hehehehe The emptynester spaniels

  2. Bandit is very patient holding his legs still while his feet are trimmed.
    Hope he got a bite at the end of dad's meal - Dip would have been in the bowl at this point!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. Bandit's looking pretty spiffy with his new doo! Higgins your going to have to teach him the 101 on how to beg to get results, though! Tell your Momma to do what we do with our socks, we just wear dark ones so the dirt doesn't show up! LOL!

  4. Oh Bandit's got some reflecty eyes! He definitely looks like he wants to be finished!

  5. Well done Bandit. There is no way I would ever stay that still.

  6. It is pretty hard to train humans. I have been trying to train them to feed me properly for 6 months now. They still have not given up the habit of feeding me what the vet suggests instead of what I want. Silly humans.

  7. Bandit looks great with his hair cut. Nice to meet you Bandit.