Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visiting The Homeless

When my mom posted this picture of me yesterday, I was on my may to visit my moms special friends!


Every other Monday night my mom leaves me at home, alone, with dad. 

All.  Night.  Long!

She helps out with this Ministry called The Way of Hope and they help provide homeless women and children a warm, safe place to stay at night. My mom loves going and she is always coming home going on and on about the women she meets! She thought I might like to meet some of them, and I was pretty excited!!


Here is Shelia and her friend Billy.


Another one of me and Shelia.

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Mom didn’t get many pictures of the ladies because they don’t like having their pictures taken, but I sure wished she would have snapped one of me with these cute little girls.  She was not sure how I would react around little girls because I am never around little kids, so she was holding me tight, but I did so good!!!  As if I would be anything but on my best behavior!  Geeze mom!

I will try from now on not to have a mini melt down when she leaves me to spend the night with these ladies!  I wish they allowed dogs, because I could quickly learn to love helping mom and these wonderful ladies!  Oh well!  Maybe I will get to make some more short visits with mom!!


  1. What a great thing your Momma is doing Higgins! I bet you had fun meeting all those nice people. It's so nice of you to try not have anymore mini melt downs when your Momma goes to help on Monday nights!

  2. Oh,and congratulations again on your Mr. Chewy win!!

  3. What a great mom you have!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. First congrats on your win from Fred and Gloria!
    I'm glad you got to go with your mom. I go with my MOM when she goes to the shelter. I get to go 3 or 4 times a month. They have the nicest people there. Plus I am trying to help raise money for the PET AREA of the new faclity they are building.
    I hope ya get to keep going.

  5. Hi Higgins, looks like you got some pretty special cuddles there. My my Mum thinks it looks like a great place where your Mum helps. Dexter

  6. What a wonderful thing for your mum to do, there should be more people like her in the world!
    Sounds like you had a good time too Higgins, it must have been great being the centre of attention, bet you brought a lot of smiles to those childrens faces.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. What an interesting day Higgins. Much more fun than staying home with dad, I bet. Humans always think the worst of us. I don't know why. As if you'd have done anything worse than chewing a toe.

    Ahhh well, next time x

  8. Thats a good job your Mum is doing. Play your cards right and you'll get invited down there all the time! Deccy x

  9. Wow, your mom is so cool. It's so nice to hear stories about people who help other unconditionally.

    By the way, I passed the Pawsome Blogger Award to you.

    Kindly check it out on this link.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. Just letting you know I have tagged you. No pressure just check out my blog.

  11. How very generous of your Mom and you too Higgins for letting her go.