Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grrrrr, A Vet Visit

Last week I was so excited when mom told me that we were going to Florida to visit cousin Ginger!  So excited, that when she got my leash out on Monday and told me “let’s Go” I thought we were leaving two days earlier than planned!!  It took me two seconds to jump into the Jeep! Woohoo, road trip!


BUT SHE HAD OTHER PLANS.   The VET!  Grrrrrrr…..


I was devastated!!  Here I am making a mental note to pee on something as soon as I get home, when I heard mom say “Higgins is here for his rabies vaccination” …what did she just say??


Then I was like YIKES!!!


Hey mom, I’ll wait by the door…I was so hoping that someone was going to walk in and then I was planning the great escape of 2012.  Sadly, no one came in and the door remained firmly shut.


I was so upset that I would not even look at the vet!  As soon as he walked in I tucked my tail and turned around and hid my face in mom’s arms.  Then as soon as I was outside, I showed Dr. Tate just what I thought of him…I peed on the bushes right by the front door!  Take that Dr. Tate!


I did forgive mom rather quickly though, here I am waiting patiently in the line at the drive thru at Micky D’s for a chicken nugget!  Mom better be glad that I got something special for all the pain I went though or I would still be mad!!


  1. I go on the 4th for my rabies. Maybe Mom will take me to Mickey D's too!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  2. Woof! Woof! Going to the VET is never a FUN thing. Hope you got extra Tasty Treats. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Chicken nuggets can cure a world of hurt. :)

  4. Way to show Dr. Tate. BOL! MOM said she was taking me this morning cuz I didn't feel well last night. You can rest assured I made sure to feel better this morning. whewww I avoided going.But if I would have know nuggets might have been involved I just might have gone.

  5. OMG! I feel for you Higgins! I hope you at least got the kiddies nugget meal so you could get a toy too! LOL!

  6. BOL at your face when you heard you were getting a shot...


  7. Ugh I'm glad you peed on their bushes at least! I have to my rabies vaccine in April
    Dachshund NolA

  8. Aww your "I am waiting seriously for my nuggets face"is pawdorable

  9. Oh Higgins, getting a vaccine on a road trip is no fun! I'm surprised your mom didn't wait 'til you guys got home.

    I think that vet got your message, loud and clear!

  10. Itll be ok higgins, the rabies shot is for our own good ( at least that what our mom says)Hugs♥ The emptynester spaniels

  11. What a dirty trick she played on you Higgins! But somehow those chicken nuggets can make any day brighter, even one to the vet.

  12. Those are excellent pics Higgins, we can see your shock and horror at arriving at the vets, bol!
    Hope you got your chicken nugget reward.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  13. that "yikes" look was simply priceless!!!

    Glad that all went well and you know what? I love chicken nuggets too!

  14. Mean ol mom taking you to the vet! What a dirty trick! You should have held out for TWO nuggets.

  15. Bet that bush didn't know what hit it Hehe! Deccy x

  16. LOL - that is one serious look of surprise Higgins. I'm hope the shot didn't hurt too much. (And that you got rewarded plenty for being a good boy at the vets. :)

  17. Sorry you had to get a shot, Higgins! But yaaaay, McDonald's!