Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Fabulous Friday Freebie

I thought we were celebrating the holiday weekend by doing something fun!!  Me and the family were getting ready to go to a state park to do some very fun hiking and exploring and leaving lots of pee-mail.  Then, at the last minute, one of them had the not so brilliant idea of staying home and painting the entire upstairs. 

OMD, have they lost their minds???


This is me, not happy.  I think I will sleep through the weekend.

The only way I know how to cope, is to do something fun for all my furiends who will be doing something super cool with theirs parents for the weekend that might have a boring weekend like myself.

Let me explain….

I love Petco and they have this yummy snack bar where my super yummy Ginger Bears live!  This week I was running dangerously low, so we had to rush out to get some more! 

First I tried to get this big yummy bone….

big bone

Mom said no.  Grrrr.

more bones

What about this one ma??


Can I get a ball??


I love this stuffie…can I get this one??  Finally, she said yes!! 


Then we made it to the snack bar!  Mom got two bags this time….and guess what…one might be for you!!


We finally got to check out…


I was go glad too, cause I had some pee-mail to read and leave!  BOL!!


So here’s your chance to try some of my yummy, super, tummy pleasing Ginger Bears!!

Leave me a message on what you get to do this fun weekend, paws crossed it’s not painting the entire upstairs, but hiking. 

We will draw for a name sometime after the weekend is over.  My mom said even if you live a long ways away, like another country, you can still enter!  

My Mom and Dad are being such kill joys for weekend fun so I hope your weekend will be lots of fun!!


  1. Hey Higgins,

    Don't worry you're not the only one not having a big adventure this weekend - maybe you and I should go off on our own adventure? :) Today I'm gonna have fun though, as I'm going on a Therapy visit and then I've got a play date with a new Doggie buddy!! Yay :)

    I love the picture of you with that bone, you realize it's as big as you are, right?! Tee Hee

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. I'd love to enter! I think I'm in the same boat as you though, we're putting down new floors!

  3. Ew Ew Me Me...Enter me please. So I am really sorry you are not going to have a great weekend, I mean, "Painting" yucky yuck yuck.

    I think I shal start this weekend by meeting my buddies, Goose, Logan Baci and Murphy for a river, lake, mud walk locally.

    Then tomorrow, I figure we will do some work around the kennel and then head to the river for more swimming......(Gonna check out a new place for my friends to play in)

    And Sunday I get to go to Gooses church for "Bring your dog to Church" night.

    Sure wish you could come along HIggins.

    I'll try and stop for a second and think of you.


  4. If I was you I'd be sleeping away the weekend too! We're going to be having fun weeding the rest of our gardens. That may not be a a real fun thing but at least it's not painting! LOL!

  5. Ok, we are just hanging out here and I guess trying to figure out how to fix the big rope in the sky that fell down in our yard. Boo.


  6. So sorry to hear you will be only sampling cookies this weekend. That sure stinks, well maybe not. They could not give you the cookies! But listen here, I'm not doing ANYTHING! And I don't even have any nice cookies like you do! Now who do you feel worse for, you or me? BOL!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. OMD OMD... you went to PetCo and SHE wouldn't let you have Hardly ANYTHINGY..... WHAT??? Oh Ginger Bears??? I've never seen or heard of them.

    I am gonna be havin Sarge's Mom and Dad here fur the weekend and Ernie and I plant to make her PLAY GAMES and do FUN stuffs with us.

    Enjoy your treats!!!

  8. Bwhahahaha...OMD, dat is EXACTLY what we is doin'....PAINTIN'! We is still tryin' to finish My Girl's room.
    You so funny, you is likes a kid in a candy store. Them bones be biggers than me and you put togedders.

    And just FYI...I loves them Ginger Bears (wink, wink)


  9. Dammit Higgins, you should have got that bone for having to put up with them painting the upstairs! Still, at least you got a stuffie and some yummy bisquits :)
    For our scintellatingly exciting weekend we will be lying on the couch sulking while Mum is at work, huff!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  10. Unfortunately for me Higgins it's going to be a weekend in the house, my sister Lola isn't doing so good right now so Mom says we have to keep her in until she can get her next treatment next week. So we will probably just lay around and snuggle up watching movies that Mom always records and never gets around to watching. Higgins, Lola knows the PetSmart Pain too, you have to go to her blog and read the one called "Pet Smart Ladies and Things Revisited", here is a link As for me I try to be good in there but some of that stuff is just so tempting....

  11. Higgins, thats what you get for letting your peeps do the thinking BOL MY weekend is not much more exciting than yours cuz they are doing YARDWORK!!! But on the flip side, I get to be outside instead of stuck sleeping inside so I guess not all is lost!!


  12. Herlo dyere, dat ees sutch a shayme dat yoo hass to jusht haz a sleepy awll weekernd nowz!! Dees weekernd I iz gonna go to lokall park bekus dey hass just feenished kreeatin nyoo walkkies n patths n bridgies n shtuff! I'm also gonna help ma dadder chews sum deckkin fur da backkgarden, so dat we can gett eet all pretty n readdy fur bbqz whitch meens snorsages, YUMMERS! I hopes yoor weekind goes bettir than yoo fink! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  13. We are supposed to get lots of rain over the weekend...blah! Haven't had a drop this year and now it'll rain over the holiday. Double Blah! Guess I'll just be stayin home catchin up on all my sleep while the peeps keep up with their deep cleaning project.

  14. Hey Higgins!

    Those Ginger Bear Snacks look scrumptious. As for our fun weekend... we couldn't do anything... Our computer got busted and we were computer-less for a long long time. It's devastating.


    Huggies and Cheese,


  15. Hey mate! Even though it's not a holiday here (we get one next weekend for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!) Other Mum took the day off work yesterday and we went to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and stopped by a trout farm. We got to walk around the lakes and Mums bought some lovely oak smoked trout. I even got some of that so it sure was a great day hehe! Deccy x

  16. Painting instead of hiking...that does not sound like fun at all. Try to have a good one anyway!

  17. Oh Higgins, I'm sorry about the killjoy weekend. Boy, these two legged ones don't get it sometimes do they? Mind you, your trip to Petco looked like great fun. Our weekend was quite good - fortunately, not too many domestic chores - a lot of cooking going on yesterday but that's fine by me as I hoover up the crumbs! And of course, there were our usual walks and we visited 'my' pet shop where I tried to 'borrow' a few rawhides and pig ears!

    Hope you get to go hiking next weekend Higgins!



  18. Hi Higgins!
    What a cool trip to the pet SHOP, I am hoping to go SOON.
    Enid x

  19. Mom just went and got me some the other day. Our Mom's are just the bomb aren't they :)