Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Running Of The Chihuahua’s

Well let me start this blog post by saying…

I.  Had.  A.  Blast!! 

I think I must have distant relatives that are greyhounds!  Declan…are you my cousin?  BOL!

Running of the chihuahua 2

I would love to show you some great pictures of our day, but my mom’s fancy smancy camera that she was taking pictures will all day, didn’t have a memory card in it!  She was so busy worrying about getting the battery charged that she left the memory card in the laptop at home.  Grrr.  The only pictures she got was with her phone after she realized that she was taking pictures of nothing!  When did she realize that…about 5 minutes before the racing was to start…Good grief!

Anyhoos, here is where we started our day, with registration…

running of the chihuahua 6

running of the chihuahua 3 running of the chihuahua 4 

I was the third race, fifth slot!  At the registration desk there were these cute little Chihuahua snacks!  Yum!

Mom was taking pictures of all kinds of  Chihuahuas…there were big ones, little one and some that were spray painted!!  Now that was a site!  But as mentioned above, no memory card, so I can’t show you. 

Running of the chihuahua

She did get a picture of a boy Chihuahua that was spray painted pink…he was smiling, but I can’t figure out why.  I would have put my very mantastic foot down if my mom tried to paint me pink, just saying!

running of the chihuahua 7

Oh and for all my therapy furiends, they had a therapy dog there and his owner was telling everybody about his profession!!  I thought it was so neat that he was wearing a  sombrero!!  Good thing he was not allowed to run the race, with those long legs, we small Chihuahua would never had a chance!!

 running of the chihuahua 8  

Now this is a very bad picture and you can hardly see me.   If you squint really hard you will notice this very blurry, mantastic Higgins!  My dad was holding me and I was getting ready to take off running….

Here is the video…it was crazy and it is blurry…but check it out and you will see who wins…


I came in first!!  The second run for our bracket I came in third, so I didn’t get to move on, but who cares!!  I came in 1st place for my first run and that is all that matters!!

My mom was so happy to see me, so I showered her with tons of Higgie kisses to show her how happy I was to win!! 

I can’t wait for next year!  With a little practice and maybe a squeaky toy at the end of the run, I might win the whole thing!  BOL!!


  1. Holy guacamole! Higgins you did fantastic! Your Momma must have been so proud of you! That was pretty cute seeing run that fast to your Momma and shower her with kisses. Awesome job my friend! :-)

  2. Oh mate I'm so proud! We almost certainly are related. Remember Puddles is a small red greyhound, so it figures really! Next year you'll take 'em all.... Deccy x

  3. That's great Higgins! FANTASTIC! You are super fast my friend. Next year there is no question you will take it all.

  4. hooray,,congratulations , little boy.
    we are happy,that you had so much fun.and of course,you are right.
    the first run is always the most important.
    good job!!!
    greetings anni,the foxbrothermomma

  5. Higgins, you won! That is super cool! I remember seeing that vid of you running from the forest to your house. It was a marathon! Maybe you should take part in some long distance stuff too.

    I love the first pic. I don't wear clothes (except my jammies) but that one is über cute. I think the pink dog is saying "get me out of here please!"

  6. Top Notch my friend. none better, best ever, I bet even Goose would have a tough time keeping up with you.


  7. Congrats Higgins, you are the greatest!
    You are the fastest chihuahua we know. When we switched on the video our human brother almost jumped out of his skin, ha - best laugh of the day.
    You look like you are having so much fun!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. Higgins, you are a champion! Congratulations, are you warming up for London this summer?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Yay for Higgins!!! I had no idea you could run SO fast buddy!! Not surprised as you just wanted to get to your Mum :) So sweet :)

    My Mum's done that camera card thing lots of times too, now she leaves the back of the camera open until she's put the card and the battery back in :) Yay for phone cameras or we might have missed your special moment!!

    Are you gonna be training for the Pawlympics now? :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  10. Way to go HIggins!
    Dachshund Nola

  11. Hey Higgins,

    Just wanted to let you know, I've finally cracked the code and got the Monday Mischief blog hop working on my site if you want to join in :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. Higgins, you are the COOLEST! Well done! Good on you!!!!



    PS I wish they had a running of the Westies ..........

  13. wow higgy, it looks like you left everyone else in the dust! congratulations on your super duper win!!!
    xoxo, bailey

  14. Congratulations!

    Such sweetness -- I have to tell you - my Momma just let out a tear or two at seeing you win. Your Momma's excitement was telling - my Momma would have felt the same way - and all those kisses you gave. We are still tearing up in happiness for you.. Way to go!