Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Apps That I Love!

It’s Free For All Friday! 

The iPhone is an amazing thing that my mom owns.  She is always going on and on about cool apps that she has for me! 

I will be honest, I am not a fan of her fancy smanzy iPhone…when that thing is in her hands she is busy paying way to much attention to it.  I feel that it gets in the way of things I want to do.  You know things like, playing fetch, being petted, and handed snacks so my tummy stays very happy!  Hmpth, not a fan of the phone, just sayin’.

With that being said, she loves this app named My Dog.  Here is a snip of what the icon looks like, (granted I would love to see a Chihuahua as the picture, Labs get all the glory).


She loves it because she has all my information at her finger tips in the event that she may need it quickly.  She has put all my information into this little app.  She had my medical history, the medications that I take on a regular basis, vet visit (grrrrrrowl) , and my shot record (another growl).  She even had the nerve to put my weight into that thing…I bet if I had a high tech gadget she would be pretty snippy if I put her weight in it!

I will say, that this app is pretty cool with helping out my social life!  There is a place where you can find dog parks while you are traveling and also dog friendly placed that allow pets!!  Pretty cool!  I love leaving my mark at all the places I visit!

Mom says this app is very travel friendly.   It has airline and train information, dog friendly hotel finder and there are also travel tips for you and your pooch.   Pretty handy if you are always on the go with your four legged friend.

The really cool thing about this app?  It’s free!  I am not a fan of  mom’s phone, but I do love an app that is tail waggin’ awesome and made just for me, cause come on, It’s all about me!!!  HA!


  1. I think Ginger and Tilda need that app.

  2. Oh Higgins! I don't blame you for not liking the Iphone they are waaay overrated!!!