Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silly Saturday

Hello My name is Ginger


I am Higgins puppy cousin from Florida.

I will be blogging for him while he is on vacation.

Me and Higgins well we are like two peas in a pod really.  He always growls smiles at me when he comes for a visit and he loves to play hide and go seek with me.


I don’t know why he looks so scared in this picture.  I mean I only have one eye and I can’t really see out of my good eye.  Come to think of it this hide and go seek game really is not very fair. Moooom.

It’s okay last time he visited I hid his kitty bear and he never found it.  So guess who it belongs to now..hehehehehehe


But we do enjoy a lot of the same activities:

We both love to sunbathe

DSC01783 SDC11058

I like to do mine outside and Higgies likes to do his on his mama’s dashboard in the car.  Something about AC???

We both like nice refreshing dips in the pool. Mom what is Higgins doing on my float?

DSC01806 SDC11134 SDC11116 P1050155

We both love, love, love to sleep.

It is our favorite activity really.

Mom where is my fan?


I love my puppy cousin♥. Especially when he is sleeping P1040675 .


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  1. What would we do without our furry family members!

    Very sweet!