Saturday, August 20, 2011

Silly Saturday

Some say I am picky.  I say, I know when I want something, and it is usually NOW!


I love my dog food…well at least certain pieces out of it.  See those lovely green and lighter pieces in there.  Those are my favs!


When my family does not move quick enough to empty my bowl of the pieces that I do not eat, I start throwing them out of the bowl one by one.  I usually try to make the most noise that is possible to alert them that my food needs attention.  Alas, sometimes they do not hear it and then there seems to be a bigger mess to clean up!


Don’t think this is being wasteful, I know there are dogs starving out there, so I would not do this if I knew there was not a chocolate lab that will eat anything that is set in front of her!  Meet Macy…(sorry the picture is blurry, mom was holding her food in her hand while trying to take the picture).


Look at my lip smacking happiness!  My food, just like I like it, with green pieces.


Dad says I am spoiled, mom thinks I am silly.  I know that I have a very distinguished palate!  HA! 

Happy Silly Saturday!


  1. Geeeeezzzzz Higgins!! I agree with your daddy!! hehe

  2. Rotten. I love the lip smacking picture.