Friday, August 5, 2011

My Mom Says I Need CA

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Look how cute I am.  Why in the world does my mom keep telling me no??  I thought we had the convo about the word “no”.  (Memo to self, have another conversation on the word “no” with mom, it is obvious that she did not understand the first lecture.)

How could she resist such a beautiful stare??  How in the world can she sit there and make me beg for something I want so much?  Why oh why do I have to endure such torture for something I need so badly??  WHY??

What am I waiting for??

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My morning coffee!!! 

My mom said she is enrolling me Coffee Anonymous…whatever, we will also discuss how that is not going to happen after I finish my morning coffee!!   I do not have a problem, I repeat, no problems here!

Snapbucket,Frame: Grunge Black