Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scrumptious Sundays

It’s me again, Ginger.

ginger and tilda 2

My sister, Matilda, decided to join me today.  She is a real pain in my rear ♥ her.

Since this day is about yummy morsels of goodnesss either that are homemade or store bought I thought I would share with you some yummy treats my Mom picked up for me at Petco the other day.


Don’t these look delish


I have two favorites. 

The first one is the praline cookies.  They are heavenly.  Trust me my human brother tried them and he loves them to

(the Petco people told him it was okay to try them since they are all natural ingredients just less sugar )


The creme filled are my fav favorite though .  These little suckers right here are so delicious you might smack the kitty wouldn’t that be the best.  I mean I wouldn’t because I hate love my sister.


So if you are near a Petco and want to stop by their puppy bakery I would highly recommend it.


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