Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit Vacation Wrap-Up!

We finally made it home from a fabulous vacation!   I love traveling with the family and especially love getting  some warmth from the sun while traveling…


We finally made it to the cabin in Pigeon Forge and the first thing me and my sister Maggie did was run outside to checkout the view.


Here are the views from the third floor balcony and they are heavenly!

IMG_4926 IMG_4927 IMG_4928IMG_4969 

Also, naps are a must on vacays…here I am enjoying pure luxury and sweet dreams…


Until my older brother started bothering me.  I was like “mom, please stop him!” but she kept laughing cause she thought it was funny.  Hmpth….


Even Maggie snuck in a few naps.  NOBODY messes with Maggie when she takes a nap.  Don’t let that cute bow in her hair fool you, she is a big grouch pot when she gets messed with.  We have nicknamed her Walter because of  her growls! 


The next morning brought beautiful views again….


And Krispy Kremes….YUM!


The most exciting thing about the trip was the black bears!!!   The family made fun of  my mom the first night when she saw them…I believed her because I could smell them and wanted to skit after them, but the rest of the family made fun of her cause they thought she was seeing things….UNTIL they pulled up to the cabin one night and there sat a huge mama bear and her cub!    Poor mom!


It was a rough night because the bears were not leaving and also were tormenting the next door neighbors garbage.  The fella next door walked outside and almost ran right into one.  Of course that made it where no one would take me or Walter Maggie outside to do our business….trust me, it was a long night!!

After that mom would not take me for long walks anymore either…it was, “hurry up and get it done” and then I had to sniff for the bears from inside the truck or the cabin….I was like “let me at ‘em!!” 


Did you see that cute little black bear toy in the truck….mom got me that so I could skit those bad bears from the comfort and safety of the indoors!! HA!

Oh well…the vacation was fun while it lasted!! 

P.S. Mom said that we would also draw for the winner for the Ginger Bear Snacks in a little bit, so check back in later!!!

P.S.S.  Thanks Ginger for blogging for me while I was gone….you are a paws-a-tivley wonderful cousin!! 

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  1. Looking super excited on the deck. The nap picture made me LOL.