Monday, December 12, 2011

Mom’s Self-Given Degree Of DMV

This weekend was a weekend of cleaning up the yard of fallen limbs, leaves and any other crazy thing that might be in the yard, that shouldn't be.   While I think it is so much fun at first to have all the family outside with me while I run wild, it quickly turns into a yard of horrors when someone lights a fire.  I hate the fires.

Of course mom did not get any pictures of me being ever mantastically handsome playing in the yard, but I am sure you can visualize it. 

Anywoo…back to the fire.  Saturday, my dad started a big fire, which I totally stayed clear of and then another little fire up the hill, which I managed to dodge equally as well.  It was the fire that mom started in the backyard that I was drawn too.  One reason I was fond of this fire was a strategically placed table that was near said fire.  On this wonderful table was placed in no particular order…sausage dogs on a stick, marshmallow also stuck on a stick, graham crackers, chocolate and chips.  In Chihuahua world, a buffet of forbidden yumminess!

I did manage through the night to eat a fallen marshmallow and a few bits of sausage dog….not the bountiful buffet that I dreamed of, but a score for me.

Here is where the scariness for mom came into play.  After baths and some TV time, I started shaking.  Mom changed my shirt, covered me up and covered me with kisses.  It didn’t work...but the kisses were nice.  For hours I had trouble sleeping and kept shaking everytime I breathed in.

Mom, a great, but un-college vet has diagnosed me with smoke induced asthma.  Yep, know what that means??  I didn’t get to partake of any outdoor activities yesterday beyond the necessary potty break.  It was okay actually because I stayed indoors, in the heat and enjoyed some peace and quite and the occasional snack!

Speaking of snacks!!!


miley mae

you will be having a special package arriving in the mail this week!!  I hope you enjoy it!!!


  1. Miley said...woof woof (yippie) and she also said ...what a horrible picture of here...lmbo!!!! Now she is making me take her to the groomers ($30) :/

  2. Awe Higgins I am so proud of you!! You are moving up in the world!! I also heard there was a prayer vigil held in your honor by Mom and dad was a little jealous! hehe

  3. Poor Higgies. I hope you are feeling better this week.