Thursday, December 29, 2011

She Says Spoiled, I Say No

My mom said that I am spoiled rotten.  I say, I have a distinguished palate. 

A few weeks ago when I ran out of the pieces of  food that I liked, I would push my bowl into the middle of the floor.   Then I would sit behind it and look all pitiful until someone would fill my bowl back up.   I only really like the green pieces out of the food, and mom was making me eat all the food, not just the ones I liked best.

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Today, I decided to sit by the food container when I ran out of green pieces.  See my, “hey I am pitiful and starving to death” look?


See those yummy green pieces?? I love them soooo much!


See all the yucky stuff still in my bowl??


Mom said that she should not give in and fill my bowl…


But she did!!!  She called me spoiled, but I do not agree! 


  1. How can your Momma not spoil you. Especially when your wearing that cute reindeer sweater! You just make wise colour choices!

  2. You just know what you like and should not have to settle.
    And any dog that has to wear that should we what they want. Hold fast and they always give in.

  3. Oh course you're spoiled! That is our humans job!
    I gave you an award!
    Dachshund Noa

  4. Hi Higgins & Family,
    I'm Lily Belle and I hopped on over from Miss Nola's Bloggie. Nola is my very bestest blogging buddy. I like your blog too and I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading all about you. Have a very happy New Year!

    Lily Belle

  5. We say, find a company that only makes green bits you poor neglected starving creature!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  6. Well, me and the Chis have discussed and definitely not spoiled!! Now maybe if your mom starts picking the green kibbies out so you can have a bowl just of the ones you like .. that 'might' be a little spoiled.. but hey! That what Chis are for!!