Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo Shoot

Mom got a hold of the camera the other day and while me and sister were trying to nap she started snapping off pictures.

Tilda was all will you quit Mom


And I was all what way do you want me to pose…


I Love having my picture taken. I can even follow directions when Mom asks me for a profile shot. I always turn to my good side..ya know the one with the eye .

I is smart like that.

DSC04735 DSC04734

Tilda was mad because I was getting all the attention.


So she hopped her little tooshy down and proceeded to pose as well.. Ughh why does she have to interfere with my glamour shots.

DSC04739 DSC04737

Mom I am over here..Look you want another profile shot

securedownload (14)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mischief

I will not move….Not one inch….I was here first!


No matter how squished I might be….and I didn’t!  It’s my computer chair!! BOL!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bandit Time


Since  I am such a good brother and since Bandit finally got a haircut I thought it would be a good time to blog about Bandit some!!   Bandit is the middle sons Poodle.


Here is Bandit towards the end of his spa day…look like dad only has the feet left to cut.  Bandit has this look of  “be done already”!!  BOL!


After Bandit get 28.4 pound of his hair removed, he is always cold!  Here he is curled up in my moms legs for TV night. 

Mom says that she didn't want this picture posted because of her dirty socks.  I say that she knows better and should always put her shoes on and not walk outside in socked feet!  You see how hard it is to raise humans??   They should know better!

Note from mom:  I only walked a few steps out in the back yard  to call the dogs in and if I realized that my socks were this dirty I would have taken them off…


Last night Bandit was so funny!!  Dad was having a bowl of chicken noodle soup and Bandit did everything to get his attention…I think he wanted a tiny bite!!

As you can see, dad paid poor Bandit no attention…Looks like I am going to have to teach Bandit a few tricks on getting a bite of something you really want!!

So that is a what Bandit has been up too…there is never much to report from him cause he is always such a goodie two shoes and never gets into any trouble!!  I keep telling him that if  he wants more screen time, he has to walk on the wild side a bit!!  BOL!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

One Flat Tire….Then Two


On our way home from Florida, dad was driving a car instead of riding with us.  I am not sure why, but something about it getting great gas mileage and dad wanted to bring it home.  Last time I passed gas, I got into trouble and here dad goes with something that passes a lot of gas??  I don’t gets it!

Anyhoo, that gas passing car had a flat tire!  At first I was excited cause I had to take a potty break, so mom got my lease out and we went in the woods by the interstate, but then she saw a tick on her leg and she quickly picked me up and we waited in the truck instead…no biggie because mom said we would stop for a potty break as soon as dad got the tire changed.

WELL, as soon as dad got the spare on we were on our way and I was really happy!!  THEN the worst thing ever happened!!!!   The spare blew…OMD!


As you can see from this picture, I was none too happy…I hads to peeeeeeee and mom would not let me out for the fear of a tick attack!  It took furever to get it fixed cause we had to find a tire place.  After two hours of driving to find a tire place and sitting on the side of the road with flat tires for a gassy car we finally got to stop for me to run around at a pee station, er…rest station.  Dads…they can be so annoying with their new gassy car!

FYI,  we had no more problems and dad seems to love his new  gassy car…he said it gets great gas mileage and loves driving it to work…I still don’t get it but I do know that the next time I am gassy he better not complain!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

On our way home from Florida we stopped in Georgia to stay with Roscoe, another cousin!  Boy do I have lots of cousin!!


Roscoe is lots older than me, but he is still a handsome fella!  Most of his days he is soaking up the sun or curled up in his bed snoozing!  


He moves much slower than I have ever seen and mom was so proud of me because there was no growls or teeth showing from me!  It was clear that Roscoe liked me being the dominate one, and in my book, I loved being top dog!


Here I am getting love from Aunt April!!  She gives the best back rubs and talks to me just the way I like…sweet puppy love voice!!!  I love Aunt April!!


Uncle Mike writes insurance and my parents were talking an awful lots about death and how much money they would need if something bad were to happen.  I did not like it ONE BIT!!  I think mom is a little confused that she is suppose to live furever!  It didn’t  take me long to get into the action though...


…when they started talking about beneficiaries, I jumped up at the computer and made sure that I was listed first…gotta be able to buy my kibbles and snacks!!

I also made it known that if anything ever happens to my momma, that Aunt April needs to finish raising me!   She is one notch below my mom in the perfect department!

IMG_6571    IMG_6580  

We only got to stay one night which made me a little sad…can’t wait to go back!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grrrrr, A Vet Visit

Last week I was so excited when mom told me that we were going to Florida to visit cousin Ginger!  So excited, that when she got my leash out on Monday and told me “let’s Go” I thought we were leaving two days earlier than planned!!  It took me two seconds to jump into the Jeep! Woohoo, road trip!


BUT SHE HAD OTHER PLANS.   The VET!  Grrrrrrr…..


I was devastated!!  Here I am making a mental note to pee on something as soon as I get home, when I heard mom say “Higgins is here for his rabies vaccination” …what did she just say??


Then I was like YIKES!!!


Hey mom, I’ll wait by the door…I was so hoping that someone was going to walk in and then I was planning the great escape of 2012.  Sadly, no one came in and the door remained firmly shut.


I was so upset that I would not even look at the vet!  As soon as he walked in I tucked my tail and turned around and hid my face in mom’s arms.  Then as soon as I was outside, I showed Dr. Tate just what I thought of him…I peed on the bushes right by the front door!  Take that Dr. Tate!


I did forgive mom rather quickly though, here I am waiting patiently in the line at the drive thru at Micky D’s for a chicken nugget!  Mom better be glad that I got something special for all the pain I went though or I would still be mad!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mischief

I have been so full of mischief this week, that I do not even know where to begin.  I think that vacations  sometimes can bring out the naughty!! 

Before I tell you what happens, I want to say one thing…only one dog can be dominate, and well, that HUGE task falls on me!   It always seems to fall on the mantastic ones!

Anyhoo…Ginger Bell my cousin wants to play with me.  She also wants to be the dominate one.  I think I heard her say that it was her house and she deserves the title of dominate.  I could just not accept that!


Anytime she walked near my mom I would growl!


If Ginger got anywhere close to my mom, I would really growl and sometimes I would bring out the big  guns…MY TEETH!!


Mom kept showing me how the youngest son and his human cousin got along…

Frankly, I really don’t care!

Mom thought she would shoot a video so you could hear me…I feel that this was a little uncalled for…I am sure that Ginger did something to upset me…like sneeze!  Also, mom wanted a side note added before you watch this video….she said she just woke up and she really sounds much better than what you hear!!  WHATEVER MOM!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Aunt Amy

I have made it to sunny not so sunny Florida!  There are lots of clouds and a little bit of rain…but it is much warmer than Tennessee!

Another thing that Florida has is Aunt Amy!


You can’t tell by this picture, but at first I didn’t like Aunt Amy.  She spoke to me and I ran and hid behind my mom!

So what changed??


Do you see her hand on Oscar?? 


Now Aunt Amy is my best friend!!   BOL!!

I like to be the center of  attention!  I bet you didn’t know that about me did you???

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road Trip!

Yesterday morning the suitcases came out and so not to be forgotten, the first thing I did was climb inside one!  BOL!!


Mom hates when I do that, because it makes it hard for her to pack.  She has to move me out and then I hop back in when she has her back turned.  BOL!!

IMG_6486  IMG_6490 IMG_6499

I snoopervised  the packing and whimpered until I saw that my stuff was finally being packed…then I snoozed on the bed for the rest of the day to make sure that they didn’t forget me!  They neglected to tell me that we were not leaving until the wee hours of the morning!  Grrr. 

So where am I going???  I am heading to Florida to visit my cousin Ginger!   WOOHOO!!  I am tired of gloomy, cold Tennessee weather and am ready for sunny Florida!

Y’all come back and check my blog out…me, Ginger and Tilda in the same house should make for some interesting blog posts!!

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Florida!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Many Words Wednesday

I got a package from Mr. Chewy….WOOHOO!!

 IMG_6460 IMG_6463 IMG_6464

I was so excited because I could smell sweet, tummy tickling, mouth smacking goodness through the box!!


OH MY GOODNESS, I see rawhides!!

IMG_6473 IMG_6475 IMG_6479 IMG_6480 IMG_6484 IMG_6485

I ran like a crazy, wild maniac through the house with one of my bones because I was so excited!!  Teehee!!

Thanks so much Basset Momma, Freddie and Gloria for the fun giveaway!  Because of you, I am enjoying yummy treats!!!