Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Mischief, Niles Edition

For those, like my pawrents, here is a reminder that life is STILL ABOUT ME!


A picture of my mantasic self!

My life fur the past 10 day has been ruff.  Niles, or aka, Turd-knocker…BOL, that’s what I call him…TURD-KNOCKER!!!  Anyways, he has been on my ever-last-reserved nerve!

It seems that when you are the size of a glorified hamster everyone thinks that you are cute.    Let me just say this, If  I pooped on the floor, I would have my tail in some big trouble.  When Turd-knocker poops on the floor, the pawrentials clean it up and show him the pee-pad.  I don’t get it….something about positive potty training garbage.  Phooey.


Here is the other thing….He is terrorizing the entire house!  When I chase the bad pussy cats, I get yelled at and I have stop….when Niles chases them, it’s cute….I am speechless!  Not fair at all!!!

Are you ready for this??  Zoe, remember Zoe??


She is scared barkless of Niles….so scared that the Turd-Knocker knows it and he will actually chase her!!  Pitiful….a grown dog of Zoe’s size scared of a glorified hamster.

Here is the mischief part of this whole post….see this picture….


See Niles, see the big pillow that he is sitting on??  That is Zoe’s Pillow….The Turd-Knocker chases Zoe off and then plops his tiny hamster sized self on it, next to her Christmas bone.


Niles has claimed this pillow as his own….Then Niles, drags my snowman  on to the pillow as well!    MY TOY!

Something has to be done!  See my shirt… says, My House, My Rules…now this needs to be re-enforced, Immediately!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I WON!!!!! Woot!

Thank to all of y’all that were able to vote!!! 

I won 1st place with 139 Votes!


My  marbles are already spinning on how to decorate my house next year!  BOL!!

On other news….I am in the dog house…

I bit the puppy this morning.  :(


After the incident, Niles retreated to his cage acting all innocent, while I got in trouble. 

No one even asked me what Niles did to me! 

This big brother thing is hard!

Friday, December 27, 2013

BLOGVILLE, I Need Help!!!!

Okay here is the deal…..

My crazy mom entered me in a contest….little ‘ol me, the only pooch into a human  contest!  GUESS WhAt????  I am one vote away from winning and beating all those humans! 

I need you!!  If you have a Facebook page….go HERE and vote fur me!!!  You may have to like their page to vote, but  please do it!  I need you!!!

Here is my Dog House in the day light…..


And there is the night time picture….not as good, but it’s the one that is almost winning!!!

higgins Christmas dog house

PLEASE Help me!!!!  Spread the word and lets show them how we do it in our world!!!  BOL BOL BOL!!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas & Santa Paws Was Naughty

Merry Christmas!!!!

I sure hope that Santa Paws was good to you this year.

I just don’t understand what happened with me….I have been such a good boy.

I have guarded the homestead, chased all the bad pussy cats and strategically placed all my toys around the house to keep it nice and decorated.  All I wanted from Santa Paws was a nice, big, juicy, meaty bone!

I did get me a few goodies….

A Christmas rawhide,  meaty rawhide and a delish chewy bone.  But I also got this….


The pawrents named him Niles.


I don’t think I am ready to be a big brother.

Oh Santa Paws….what should I do with this squirt?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve & Contest

Hey Y’all!!

! IMG_0081


I have missed all my furiends and wanted to drop by to wish you all the happiness and joy that this season brings!

I have not been around much lately, and I hate to ask, but I need you!!

Me and mom decorated my house for Christmas…..then we got a wild hair and decided to enter it into a contest….

I am trailing behind in 3rd place and I am devastated!!!

Would you help me?

You need a Facebook page, and if you have one…..go here!

Then click on my photo… looks like this….


and then vote fur me…..please!!!

I want to win so badly!!!

The contest ends on the 27th!

Thanks furiends!!

I will be back tomorrow… said that I will have a special announcement to share!

until then,

Happy Christmas Eve!