Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Project Is Complete!

My mom has been working her furs off on this!

On Saturday, while at a yard sale, she came across this sad pitiful dog house…


She snatched it up for $7!  She was so happy!!

Not sure why, cause the last I heard, dog houses were kept outside….I am not sleeping in the yard, in a dog house.  There is no TV or air conditioning…as if!

Anyhoos….I didn’t want to rain on her parade, so I helped her paint it!


Don’t you just love it??  She even painted a sign with my name on it and hung me an American Flag!


Next came the fire hydrant…we is working on painting that as well!

Oh yeah, ignore my nekkid-ness….

Mom got paint all over me so she stripped me down to the furs!


Next came the landscaping….isn’t it just lovely!


Then came an uninvited house guest….grrr.  I am thinking about charging rent!


Fur The Finished Project…


My Dog House! 

I even have landscaping with real live flowers and up lighting fur my flag!!!

I am so proud!!!

I think when dad gets kicked out of the house fur being bad I will let him stay in my home, rent free!!  BOL!!