Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pawty Like You’re 18

It’s the Middle sons 18th Birthday and mom made us all a cake!!! 



I love mom!

Happy Birthday Middle Son! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mischief

Some mornings you just need a little jump start to your day!

Higgins Coffee 1

That’s why when mom got up and walked out of the room leaving her coffee unattended on the kitchen table, I felt like I had to make my move!

Higgins Coffee 3

Opps, really mom, I was only going to have a sip…didn’t mean to drink your whole cup of coffee!  Did I mention that  the coffee pot has been broke and the parents got it working long enough this morning for two cups of coffee before it broke again??  Whoops! 

Love ya mom!   Now I am off to run laps around the house to work off my coffee buzz!!  BOL!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winner Winner Cookbook Winner!

  First and foremost, it’s my moms fault that this post is being posted so late!  She left for church this morning at 9:45am and did not get home until 6:00pm.  She left me alone for 8 hours!!!!  I think that is dog abuse, right?   The NERVE!

Oh yeah, back to the winner!!


Of course, I could have posted this post without her, but I needed someone to take my picture and I can only do so much!  Geeze!


We took all the names and put them on pieces of paper and my mom placed them on the floor.  The thought was I would pick one….the issue…I was picking two at a time! I wanted everyone to win and it was so much pressure!

Plan B. 

Mom put them on a bowl and had the middle son draw a  name.


Did you see his finger nails??  They are horrible. I think that she needs to get after him with the nail brush and clippers.  Why is it always me?? I hate nail clippers!! 

Oh yeah, back to the name drawing!!

The winner…..


BUNK!  Woo to the Hoo!!  You are the winner!  Now run around in circles and chase your tail!    Pugs do chase their tails, right?  Anyways, send your address to my mom at

jpdbj (at) dtccom (dot) net

and I will have her get your cookbook into the mail!!  Make sure you let us know what you try first!!  :o)

As for everyone else…me and mom thought that this was so much fun that we are planning a few other give-a-ways!  Stay tuned!!

Congratulations Bunk! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Higgins Tree Service

This is what my dad encountered when he was leaving for work yesterday morning.


A big old tree fell on our road.  Needless to say, he didn’t make it to work.


Here is me and Bandit surveying the damage.


Here is me looking all mantastic and handsome on the tree!


I sent Bandit to fetch the help…Here is the middle son with a chain and chainsaw oil.


The adopted son with the chainsaw and chainsaw gas.


Hey mom, you might want to leave…there’s manly work to be done!


Okay mom, you can come back and take pictures…it’s all done!! 


I did a great job, huh??


Aww mom, quit giving me kisses, it’s embarrassing!!

Don’t Forget… 

to leave a comment on yesterdays post!  I will be drawing for the Three Dog Bakery cookbook tomorrow!  :o)

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Smell Yumminess In My Future!

Mom got out my Three Dog Bakery Cookbook this morning and she has been flipping through it!  Know what that means??  She is going to do some Higgins style cooking this weekend…WOO to the HOO!!  ~waggy tail~

higgins with cook book

Do you know what is more fun than yummy homemade treats??? 

You having your own Three Dog Bakery Cookbook!! 

My mom has an extra Three Dog Bakery cookbook and she wants to give it to one my furiends!  Yay!

Leave me a comment if you want to be in the drawing for this yummy cookbook and also mention it on your blog!  We will draw for a winner on Sunday!

BTW, our internet came back late last night…paws crossed that it is fixed!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Internet Issues…GRRR.

Our internet is out and I have been waiting , very non-patiently for it to come back on.  It comes on for about one minute and then quickly leaves again for hours.  I am not a happy pooch!!  So I am here to tell you that  Dad will be calling the internet people promptly when he gets home! 

I have sure missed visiting my furends today, but I’ll be back soon…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angry Birds

When you can't go outside and terrorize all the birds outside...

What do ya do

Ya get Angry

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mischief

I have a man cave.  It’s the spot under the kitchen desk.


During last weeks hunger strike I stole a yogurt cup and took it to my man cave to lick out every little bit of yogurt that I could.


Quite clever until I was caught.


I must get better about hiding the evidence of my food sneakage during hunger attacks. 

I am thinking that mom is feeling less sorry for me!  In my defense, it was not full of yogurt, someone had already ate it all out…all I got was a tiny amount.

Did I mention that I lost weight last week???

My Brown Newfies

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food Update


What a difference two days makes.   I wont go as far to say the vet was right, so I wont, but I think I did get hungry enough to try my new food with a fresh pair of eyes!

Or maybe it was all the wonderful comments and encouragement, but look at this…


I ate all the green pieces!  

I detest the flower looking things and the dark brown pebbles, so Bandit and Maggie can eat those!

Mom is somewhat encouraged by my new attitude on the food, so I got a yummy snack this morning. Although I did eat my food I don’t want to appear to be 100% on board because as I see it the vet suggest something and she does it. 

So far the score is:

Vet 2 Higgins 0. 

I have already lost my manhood and now my favorite food…what else will the vet suggest to take away from me??


I shudder at the thought!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am Very Mad At My Vet….GRRR.

My vet told my parents to change my food…..AND THEY DID???



I am devastated!


He said what I was eating was not healthy for me at all!  He suggested Science Diet or Purina.  I am having some allergy issues, and mom was concerned.

Not concerned enough to make my food like Nola’s mom.  Grr.

Dad got a bag of Purina for me.  It had no green pieces at all.  I have hardly touched it.  Again, mom was worried I would starve to death and frankly so was I!  You know what my vet said???  He said I would eat eventually.  The nerve!  I didn’t.  Well I did, but just enough to live, not enough to make me happy. 


This Is Serious!

So mom went to the store and got me some Beneful and it has green pieces in it, but the only way I will eat them is if my mom hand feeds them to me! 

IMG_6051 IMG_6050 

She thinks that I am having trouble seeing the green pieces because they are a different green than my old food!  I am thinking that if  I continue to make her hand feed me she will finally get tired of  it and either

A.  Buy my old food again.              B. Make me some homemade food.

I sure hope that I do not lose another ounce…I am losing my mantastic figure!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ruling A Kingdom

It’s not always easy being the Alpha dog, but some are destined to be King and it’s not taken lightly by me! 

I run this kingdom by a few rules when it comes to the other k9’s.  If they want to share Kingdom Higgins with me, they will follow these rules to the bone!!  BOL!!

higgins looking down

First and foremost, I always perch higher than my subjects.

It makes them have to look up at me.


This is a prime example of what I like to see from my loyal subjects.

higgins and bandit on edge of bed

There are times when the two legged kind, namely “the middle son”, will intervene with my rulings and allow subjects on his my bed.  Highly unacceptable to me…what do I care if that’s Bandits room and bed?? 

I think the middle son needs to read the owners manual…clearly he is forgetting mom is the QUEEN, and all the rooms are hers, therefore making them mine! Grrrr. 

Oh well, this is how I get around that middle boy…

higgins and bandit

See Bandit looking all smug because he thinks he has out smarted me?? 

Yes Bandit, you may be on the bed, but it will be by my terms!!

Bow down to your Alpha King…

bandit beginning to bow bandit bows 

Check out that bowing down action!  Now that’s what I like to see!

higgins stick his tongue out 

Take that middle son!!  HA! 

Yes, sticking my tongue out at him makes me feel much better!! 

I can tell the middle son is start to fear me!!  HA!

   Higgins laughing


king higgins copy

Being the King is hard work, but it’s a honor that I take very serious!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help From Cousin Tilda!

Hey Mom....
Watcha doin??
Ooooo what are these?? You want my help, right?
No need to answer, I'll help!

Box Tops you say? Oh they smell really nice, like...uhm...cardboard boxes!
I love cardboard boxes!!

Let me smell 'em one more time....

Ewwwww, that one smells like dog!!

Ginger Bell must have licked it....

Imma gonna push the smelly ones off the table!
I am such a good helper?? Right mom?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Sister Maggie

Mom thought it might be a good idea if I were to blog about the other furry, attention grabbing, snack gobbling and bone snatchers that I share my  home with.

Today, I thought I would introduce you to Maggie.  Maggie is a Pomeranian, that when soaking wet, weights in at a whopping 3 pounds.  


Her birthday is September 14, 2000.

~waggy tail~ I know you are never suppose to talk about a girls weight or age, but since I have already told you her weight, I also thought I would spill the beans about her age…Yep, she’s 11 and this year she will be 12!! ~waggy tail~


Maggie started losing her eye sight last year.  Although it is getting progressively worse this year, it has not slowed her down in the least!


I know she looks cute and adorable, but don’t let her looks or size fool you…


She can be quite mean…at least to me!! 

To the humans she is quite social and tilts her head to the side that seems to melt their hearts.  I don’t get it. 

She never is nice and kind to me and if I see her heads start to tilt, I am on a fast sprint to get away from her before I can see the glimmer on her teeth!!


That teddy bear looking face, that all finds adorable, hides little mean growls and  razor sharp teeth…she only reserve those for me!!  Grrr.  Are you seeing a pattern here?


She loves to go on trips with us…I don’t love it so much because she always tries to steal my spot in moms lap. 

Did I mention that I nicknamed her Walter??  She acts like an old man with all that growling at me!  I wish the above picture  had sound, cause you would know what I was talking about!


My favorite thing about her is when she sleeps!!  As long as I don’t step on her, things stay calm!

Oh, and stealing her snacks!  She is a slow eater and losing her eye sight, which is a win win for me!!  I can always sneak in and get an extra snack or two….it usually involves lots of growling and snipping on her part, but when snacks are involved, I can be mighty brave!


That's the ins and outs of Walter, aka Maggie!!

I really do like having a sister…I will even go there…and say I love her….kinda….

Even though she growls at me most days, I think she really does love me as well!!


I think!!