Monday, November 30, 2015

Torture At It's Best

After a long Thankfurness fur day weekend with lots of food and fun we all sats down last night and wait fur a long long long time fur a bite.....

We sat there fur a very very very long time waiting fur our turn at tha yummy yellow stuffs that has cheese and noodles in it.  The torture went on fur 87 minutes until tha oldest hooman brother finally gave each one bite!  Geeze, y'all the torture we endure is insane!!

Latest Christmas Card Count......

Mantastic Higgins and Bratty Brother Niles 3 --- Pawrental Unit 0

Sadly, onobody loves them!  BOL BOL BOL BOL!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tha Fur Eater

Mom bes all happee right now....she says she is very Thankfur fur this creature she gots yesterday and she be already named it!  Meet Rosie.....

She said Rosie will suck all our furs off tha floor and she will not has to spend lots of time sweepin'.

Me, Tha Mantastic Higgins and Bratty Sidekick Niles, are plannin' on deading it the furst chance we gets, if it wills ever quit movin' around and tryin' to eats our furs.

Oh, on a side note, wes gots our furst Christmas Card!!!!
The official countin' has begun...

Me & Niles 1 - Pawrental Unit 0

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black In White Sunday

Dis is me all black and white smilin' purdy for the flashy beast......

Dis is Niles and the younger hooman boy all in black and white being all into tha social media....

I of korse, is tha most Mantastic of the three!!  BOL!!

Happee Sunday Y'all!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Cold Bad News....

At 1:87am Wednesday night my mom woke up in a panic beclaws she thought da house was on fire beclaws there was a loud bang and a burning smell in da house and since we sleep with our bedroom door shut she was fearfur of what she would find when she opened da door!  She and dad flew out of da bed and me and Niles were barking and on high alert....of course!!

Da good news is da house was not on fire, da bad news, the heater blew up! 

Da really really bad news is we will NOT have heat fur a couple of days.....did you hears me??  NO HEAT.....we will have NO HEAT fur a couple of days....I thinks we need to call in da National Guard Dogs! 

Dis is our heater man, da guy holding the heater thing.....The oldest hooman brother was having to hold me back beclaws I tried to dead him...I get vicious when someone takes my heat away!

Fur the next couple of days I fursee lots of under da covers time and me not leaving da bed, so ifs y'alls need me, dat is where I will be!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trying Hard Not To Dead Him

I trys so hard not to dead Niles......

I promised mom I would try to love him......

Butts somedays be harder than others and he lives on my nerves.....likes right now, he is driving me crazy!

Dis be a video of Mantastic me and my bratty brother...During staff meeting, I wanted to stay in the bed and he wants to get up to play....

I trys to tell him it's staff meeting time, but he wont listen, he never listens.

I bes all like, MoOOooomMMMmmmmm please can I dead him, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee?

Butts she said no......and she was watching so I had to lets him live.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My New Best Furiend

Meet my newest best furiend…..the portable heater!!!!

This Mantastic Chihuahua is made fur warm weather, not this chilly stuffs….

I am not looking furward to the cold hard winter that is quickly approaching!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cold Weather and Warm Snuggles

Mom kept telling me that I wanted a little brother, he will be lots of fun she said....

It has not been fun beclaws Niles is a brat!!!

Butts, this weekend, that bratty little brother came in handy!!!!

The weather turned cold and he is a little heat box!!!  I guesses that little brother snuggles is a must sometimes......BUTTS only to get warm!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mad Does Not Even Begin To Describe It

Mom left the house yesterday fur 87 hours and when she returned she pulled out some new PJ's for Niles....Some Elf PJ's....

OMD he was mad about it too!!!!  He stucked his tongue out at her and refused to move fur a whole 87 minutes!!!!

The she pulled out the candy corns and he decided to get up for that sweet snack!!!  Mom thinks he looks adorable from behind!!!!!!!

I am not sure why he is upset......I love footed PJ's!  Niles is weird!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's Fall-ed

Looks, mom Fall-ished our bloggie!!!!!  

We have pumpkins....We have fall trees....We even have a turkey!!!!

I am as happee has as plump turkey the day after Thanksgiving...get it?  Plump turkey...the day after Thanksgiving??  BOL BOL BOL!!!!!

Thanks  mom.....we luv it when you does fun thingies!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Staff Meeting

We gets up really early around our house....beclaws dad needs to go to his job so he can buy us lots of kibbles and squeakies!!!  So naturally we gets up really early with him to ensure he gets lots of kisses and lickes befure he leaves fur work so he does not furget about us during the day!!!!

After he leaves, we all run back to the bedroom fur Staff Meeting!  During this time we discuss what we will do fur the day, how we will protect the yard from tree rats and deers, when and where we will scatter our stuffies and when those impawtant  decision have been hammered out we will end Staff Meeting like so.....

Dat is Niles....


And saving the Mantastic best fur last, me, Higgins!!!

It has come to be our favorite time of the day!  What we can't figures out is why the two legged ones hate meetings.....

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mantastic Sous-Chef and Hot-Mess Assistant

Fur all y'all that don't know what a Sous-Chef is, here is a definition:

A Sous-Chef de Cuisine also Under-chef of the kitchen is a chef who is "the second in command in a kitchen; the Mantastic Dog ranking next after the head chef."

Dis is me, da Mantastic Sous-Chef....

I is the second in command to mom while she cooked fried chicken!!!

Dis is Niles.....we will call him the Hot-Mess Assistant to da Mantastic Sous-Chef Higgins....

See all that flour on Niles??  That is beclaws he is trying to trip mom so she will drop da chicken!  All he did was turn into a reverse Dalmatian!  BOL!!!  Get it, he's black with while spots...BOL BOL!!


Thanks to my excellent Sous-Chefin' pawesome abilities the fried chicken turned out marvelous!!!  As for Niles, he needs lots and lots more training befure he can become a Manstatic Sous-Chef like me!!

OHHH and fur the was paw lickin' - lip smackin' yummy!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Niles And The Bunny Slippers

Mom got these really super cute Bunny Slippers a few weeks ago at the gettin' store....

Niles like to steal mom's Bunny Slippers when she is not wearing them....she always knows it's him that steal them beclaws he is also know as the Bathroom Garbage Bandit!  

He has not learned yet to cover the evidences of crimes!!!!  

Here is a picture of the loots the he stole out of the garbage can and the pawrents bedroom....

Thens when mom is wearing her Bunny Slippers he attacks them and wont let go!!!!!  She walks around the house pulling her leg and Niles with her!!!

I sure feel bad fur mom's Bunny Slippers....they have Niles toofer marks all over them!

Monday, November 2, 2015

We Fired Mom.....

But we hired her back, beclaws well...

look how cute she is when she begs fur furgiveness on her lousy dog-a-tary skills!!!  Plus, we are all paws when it comes to typing on her fancy dancy 'puter!  

So let me quickly fill you in on what has happened the six weeks or so whiles we's was gone.....

Fur the love all of all Milkbones, I was neglected while mom read four books in a row!  Yep....FOUR WHOLE BOOKS on her stupid iPad thingie.....unacceptable!

Maggie hurt her back and was in jail fur two weeks....that went well....NOT!  Butts she is all betters now!!!

Niles still take his chores very seriously and insists on pre-rinsing the dishes every day!  AND he is still a big...errr I mean, little brat!

Mom retired her Jeep to dad and gots us a new Higgins-Mobile, butts she has yet allowed me to test ride in it beclaws she said it's nice to drive a Higgins-Hair-Free ride!  I am getting ready to put my paw down on that because I need a Dairy Queen fix ASAP!

So there are the highlights of whats beens going on around here!