Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mom Is At It Again…

If there is one thing that I loath more than Zoe, is mom crocheting…

 crocheting 4   

Why…well because both of her hands are busy with a needle and yarn, and her focus is not on me…it’s on this blanket thing she is creating.  I should have her 100%  attention, at all times.  No.  Matter.  What.

crocheting 5(wow, I furget how mantastic I look from underneath)

My usual tactic to stop this madness is to crawl into her lap and sit on top of whatever she is making…BOL!!!

crocheting 2

However, at times there are benefits of  her creations, like this one….where I am being covered up by her lastest masterpiece while she is working on it.

crocheting 3

But it is short lived when she gets to the end and has to turn around her work and then I am left exposed, cold and alone. 

Also, due to her obsession with this lastest project, I am neglected and still nekkid.  Yes, I guess crocheting and more important than dressing me in this freezing thing we call WINTER!

crocheting 1

Who also hates crocheting??  Yes, Zoe!!  I have taught her well!  Here she is trying to stop this madness as well!

Maybe Zoe is not as bad as I think she is after all…just maybe we should start working together on a diabolical plan  to stop this madness once and for all…


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Cousin Blitz!

My Aunt Patricia has this, well, big dog!  His name is Blitz!

blitz on floor

Even though our moms will not let us meet in the fur cause of our sizes, I weigh 10 lbs and Blitz weighs 170 lbs, we still love each other!   The only thing we get to do is the sniff test our moms when they gets home from visiting each other!    BTW, Blitz thinks I smell very mantastic!!

My Mom worries cause she says, I think I am a big dog and would get squashed by Blitz!  But Mom furgets how mantastic I am!  Maybe one day we can convince our moms to let us play in the furs with each other!

I did talk Blitz into blogging and he has agreed, so I was hoping that you could pop on over to his blog and give him some big ‘ol blogville love!  I told him that I have have the bestest furiends, EVER!!

His blog is here, or you can visit this way…

Oh and fur the record…here is a picture of me….abused and nekkid…cause I had to gets a bath and mom did not dress me.   The horror!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Deer Alert!!

The pesky deer are back!  Only if my mom would let me out….I would so chase them!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Will The Madness Ever End?

Zoe took  my bone…


So I took hers…


Lip smacking good!!!  BOL!!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update On The One I Loath

Yes y’all, this is a Zoe update!  With our intermutt issues last week, my mom never got around to telling you about how well Zoe is doing after having her pin removed.

This is Zoe…pain in my back side.


Here is the Dogter looking at the before and after x-rays of Zoe’s leg.  He had to check to make sure the pin did what it needed to do before he took it out.  I think he was pleased with the way it had healed, so he gave the go ahead to have the pin removed.

zoe pin 2 zoe pin

This is Zoe before the pin was taken out…she looks terrified!

zoe 3

This is the pin that was in Zoe’s leg…all nine inches of it.


This is the pointy end of it…YIKES!


This is Zoe on her ride home, all dopey and drugged!

zoe coming home

The Dogter said that she will continue to heal and should make a recovery at about 85%  or more of what she was because of the injuries.   She walks a little crick-ity and has a little bit of a limp.   With her intensive injuries, it could have been much worse.  Mom said now Zoe has a story to tell and hopefully this will always be a reminder fur her to stay off the road!

Remember how bad it was??  Here is a before x-ray…look away if you are squeamish!

Zoe Xray 

This is me, since this is my blog and Zoe is trying to steal this too, along with duckie, lamby and all my squeaky toys.  Grrrr.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Major Monday Mischief

Besides intermutt mischief we are having  issues with Zoe.  Folks, this is serious.

I came into the kitchen to find this…

Then this…

What did my mom do about it???  NOTHING! 

Then the next day I was hearing something very strange coming from Zoe’s mouth…


Poor Duckie could not even be seen because because Zoe has a giant mouth…you know what my mom did??  She laughed!!!!!!!!!

Y’all, we are getting ready to have one big ‘ol mantastic slap down around here if something is not done very soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Our intermutt is up and running this morning…paws crossed I can get this posted before something happens!  ANYHOOS…..

Happy Valentines Day!


Last year I asked Bailey if she would be my Valentine and of course she said yes…

She is so pretty! {blush}

I can’t let this day pass without asking again…

Bailey, will you be my Valentine??




Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intermutt Issues

Hey y'all! We are having intermutt issues at our house...grr. Mom is at the dentist with the youngest son, so she thought she would steal a little bit of their intermutt so y'all would know that I am okay!

Paws crossed that it will be back up and running soon!! Don't furget me!!!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zoe Update

zoe 3

Zoe went to the dogter this morning to have her leg x-rayed and checked to see if her pin is ready to be removed!  Mom said she was a little nervous waiting to go back!

zoe 1

Her dogter said that everything looked great and they would take the pin out tomorrow…maybe with out having to put Zoe to sleep….YIKES!

zoe 2 

Mom said Zoe was really happy to get out of there…shhh, we wont tell her that she has to go back tomorrow!


And so Zoe does not get all the lime-light, here is a picture of me….nekkid.  Apparently, it all about Zoe today and someone did not get me dressed.  Abuse, just saying’.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Double Pre-Rinse Coming Right Up!

Don’t worry about rinsing the dishes mom, we will take care of it…

IMG_1062(Please ignore the fuzzy phone picture)

Shhh, don’t tell dad, he highly disapproves!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh Lawsy, There Is Snow

This morning we woke up to the white stuff.


Y’all know I am not a huge fan of the white stuff!

It did however, give me the chance to try out my new snow boots!!


Mom crocheted  me a beanie hat to keep my mantastic head warm as well!


Now, this is what I call Rockin’  The Snow in Style!!!!!