Thursday, September 10, 2015

Niles Has Been Caughted

Mom woulds like to nose how a 3 pound dog of small stature, like Niles, can manage to get into the garbage can....that has a lid on it....and retrieve a tuna can!  

He lacks in size and is no where close to being like my Mantastic self, so how did he managed to do such an amazing thing!

Dis situation has really baffled mom.....BUTTS, let me be honest, it doesn't take much to baffle mom!  BOL BOL BOL!!!!!!

The biggest question that begs to be answered....why didn't mom ask Niles how he liked the tuna??  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pawrents Are Annoying

Dis is me, showing my pawrents exactly hows I, Higgins, the love of their lives feels.  I bees sticking my tongue out at them!  Theys had the nerveages to go out of town beclaws theys needed some time away by themselves......WHAT?

THEYS WENT OUT OF TOWN AND LEFT ME, Higgins, the love of their lives at the house....wiffs the two legged brothers to tend to my every needs!  

I COULD HAVE BEEN DEADED by those poop heads!

When theys gotted home theys went on and on about the beautiful views and gorgeous sunsets that theys theys not realize that I would have enjoyed those beautiful views and sunsets as well??  At this time I have yet to determine if I will furgive them.  Pawrents are so annoying.