Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Favorite Time Of The Year!

My mom started cooking yesterday….and all night long I could smell the most scrumptious smell of  food through the whole entire house!!

It was then I knew that my favorite time of the year was upon me…


photo 3

Mom has no worries, because I am right here to help!  If anything falls on the floor I will be very quick and clean it right up!

photo 2

Zoe thought that joining into the festivities was a rightful thing to do….Hey Dad, drop a few bite-fuls down, will ya???

photo 1

We will help you test taste the ham mom, really, it an honor!!!


Thanksgiving Day lunch has come and gone, and me and Zoe are extremely thankful fur all the crumbs that fell on the floor!

After a long exhausting morning of helping mom and dad cook, and begging fur morsels of food, the next favorite part of Thanksgiving was upon us….

      photo 7

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Few Words Wednesday


Welp….it’s that time of year again, you know that cold time?!?  If you need me today, I will be guarding the house from the inside of my warm blanket!  BOL!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yes, It’s Mom’s Fault!


Hey Y’all!!!!  My Mom is a slacker.

You can thank my Aunt Jenny for this post!  She texted my mom and got on to her fur not blogging fur me….Thank you Aunt Jenny! 

Mom blames everything but the kitchen sink fur not having time to blog….she says she is busy….phooey!  Busy slacking!

I had her post a picture of me, her and dad….they were trying to sneak a picture the other night of just the two of them, but I would have not part of  it and had to get in the picture!  BOL!!

Mom promises to blog more starting this week…..I have so much to talk about, so many pictures and of course a few pictures of my mantastic self to show you!

Just wanted to say hello and that I have missed every dog and every kitty!!!

Paws crossed, that you will hear more from me…..VERY SOON……right mom????