Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hummingbird Invasion & Hot Hot Heat!

Well it’s official, I am off extreme crate rest!  Woo to the Hoo!!!!

The only problem…it’s so hot outside, that mom is not letting me out much to run around.  Yesterday in Nashville, we set an all time record of 109 degrees!  Yikes!!  It’s okay, we have been playing lots of fetch inside the house, so I will take what I can get!

Another thing that is keeping us busy…Hummingbirds!  Mom has been making lots of nectar for these little fellas, cause they eat ALOT!  Yesterday when mom filled their feeders up there were about 12 birds flying around her….holy moly!

This morning she tried to get a video of them, but there were only a few!  I hope you can hear them, they are quite fussy when trying to eat!!  HA!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Wordless Wednesday!!!

Look what mom got me at Six Flags while she was gone…My very own Super Dog Cape!!


Watch out world…here comes a very Mantastic Super Dog to save the day!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit

ginger reading the news_thumb[3]

If you have not heard our neck of the woods in getting a storm by the name of Debby.8040_390923504298102_842129237_n

She is messing up my sunning on the back porch and making of mess of our lakes, rivers and Streets :(

She has also caused some heartbreak at one of the surrounding counties shelters:

Bradford County Shelter Flooded and Lost 5 puppies.  They had to move all the remaining animals to the fairgrounds over there and get area rescue groups to come in and help. 

One particular group that Mommy follows called TARRA took in 19 and if you feel so obliged they need funds to take care of these babies.  You can go to their website to help and scroll down and see the cuties they are helping. They posted this last night on their FB page:

**UPDATE ON NEEDS FOR BRADFORD COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER** If you haven't heard yet, Bradford County AS suffered a flood last night and some of their animals perished. The animals that were rescued have been taken to Bradford County Fairgrounds. However, they are in need of several things. Only legit Rescues are allowed to pull animals, but the rescues will/may still need fosters. TARAA is helping toc oordinate transport and rescue for some of the animals. The main need request right now are: wire-cages, zip ties, bleach, paper towels, bedding (old towels or blankets), fans (as it is so hot for the stressed animals), extension cords, and food. DONATIONS CAN BE TAKEN TO...ACPS and left in the FOJA room w/Bradford County marked on the items; the Urban Flats fundraiser on Tues night, and via Summer Swindell. Please share/repost and help in anyway you can. THANK YOU from us all!!  BRADFORD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS: 2300 North Temple Avenue Starke, FL 32091

It is so sad. 

The waters are just rising so fast around here places are flooded before you know it and we are expected to get a lot more before the week is out.

Mom and Dad brought our new stray Matt  into the garage the first night of the storm because the wind was whipping around and the rain was going in all directions, but yesterday the sun came out for a bit. Mom put Matt back in the back so he could run and play.


She also got our old dog house back from a friend that was no longer using it so Matt could be comfy cozy and dry when the next bands started coming thru.  He was all yay what is it at first.


Then he was all this is the life thanks guys later.


(sorry the dirtiness of our door but our old dog scratched it up and with all the weather it is a hot mess)

I have been enjoying stealing Dad’s chair and catching some Zzzzzz’s.  Tilda has been doing a lot of site seeing.  (She is getting brave with getting up close and personal watching Matt)


Keep us in your prayers and have a barktastic week. 

Stay safe my furry furiends.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not So Monday Mischief


Ever since I hurt my back, it has been a snooze fest around my house.  I don’t get to do nothing fun.  When I am not on extreme crate rest, my mom watches me like a hawk.  When I am allowed freedom from my jail, I am forced to stay on the porch and growl from a distance.  I tell you, it’s not fun at all.


I have not even had one chance to chase the Evil Front Porch Dweller that likes to be  is called Fred.   Every time I am released from jail for a potty break, mom again is watching me like a hawk.   The Evil One who likes to be called Fred is starting to think that he is ruling the roost.  2 More days Evil One and the BOSS will be back to his normal patrol duties and you will be chased…well, if moms says it’s okay.

I hope y’all made up for my lack of mischief this week!! Happy Monday!

Oh yeah, I am posting this early.  Mom is leaving at 5am tomorrow morning  with the youth group from church.  There are 60 of them heading to Six Flags.  She will be home late Tuesday evening and she said that we would be back in full force visiting  everybody's blogs on Wednesday!    See ya then!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jail Break


Little jail…


Big jail…


Jail break to couch cushion…ahhhhh!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Words Wednesday


My moms friend sent this to her…Funny, huh?  NOT!

Just wait until I am off extreme crate rest I will show that kittie who is boss!!! 

Speaking of extreme crate rest, It’s been like forever since I have been imprisoned!  Mom said it has only been a week.  Whatever, it has been 87 years.  She is not good at math.


I did get to spend some quality time on the front porch with mom last night.  She was really a stickler and would not let me run around but I will take what I can get!  I did get the chance to growl at the evil front porch dweller who likes to be called Fred.  That has been the biggest highlight I have had since my back injury! 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits (with Ginger)

ginger reading the news_thumb[3]

It has been a long two weeks.

First I got a virus of some sort and was not feeling to peachy


Mom took me to vet and he put me on some medicine that made me feel way better until yesterday when I got another bout of the crud so I am back on the meds.

In other news:

This guy showed up a week ago on Dad’s Birthday during a rain storm. Made himself right at home in my garage.  What’s up with that.


Mom Searched for his owner by car and on foot with no luck  :(

She figured it was raining and he was scared so no biggie he could stay a while and when it stopped raining his owner would be looking for him. I had my paws crossed.


Boy was she wrong on that one. 

After calling every vet in the county the next day, all the shelters, getting him scanned for a chip, putting an ad on Craig’s list and putting signs up at the local store we got….

Nadda, Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nothing


I felt kinda bad for the big horse.  I mean if I was lost my Momma would put up signs on every street corner and would be calling every shelter and vet to find me.

Mom  felt bad for him to, so she gave him a bath, de-fleaed the big fella and waited to see if maybe just by chance his owner would show up by the end of the week.

Still Nada, Zilch, Zero, Nothing

Mom say’s the poor guy got a rash from either all the flea bites or he is allergic to something so now he is on some meds and is healing up nice.

IMG_2906 IMG_2926

This was the before shot, Mom has not gotten around to the after shot. (Mom added the after shot this morning.)

Brother has now named him “Matt” for the time being til we find his owner or a new forever home. (Why Matt who knows…Me and Mom were thinking Buddy, Rex, Mac, Dino Dog, Godzilla, but brother thinks Matt is the perfect name)

Mom and Dad say I can’t meet him so I just keep my eye on him from the safety of my window.  I think we would get along nicely but they don’t want me to get attached and fall in love since we are only a temporary home for him.




Mom actually said last night that she might have found him a new home.

I am sure gonna miss our long stares thru the window screen ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mischief

Yesterday Was a huge Father’s Day celebration for Dad.  Everyone came over so it was like the old days with Oldest Son, Middle Son and Youngest Son all accounted for! 


At first I was so happy, because I was given freedom from crate rest for the festive  occasion!  The cherry on top was when the steak was served and I got a couple of nibbles!!  It was turning out to be a great day….UNTIL….Middle  Son had an announcement to make….


  He said he was taking Bandit home to live with him…TODAY. 


OMD, with me being on extreme crate rest for the past 87 years, me and Bandit have not got to play at all.  Now Middle Son is yanking him away from me without a proper eviction notice???

Dad said I was being overly dramatic that I have only been on crate rest for 4 days…and Bandit was only moving a short distance away…whatever Dad…what do you know…grrr!

Clearly I am depressed, for obvious reasons, and now mischief  is happening all around me and I am not the one causing it… :(

Bad Middle Son, Bad!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Mom, The Crazy Pet Parent!

My mom has been beyond herself with worry since I got hurt on Wednesday, good grief!  I know she loves me, but my oh my, I am really feeling the love the past couple of days.  Right now she is getting on my nerves, so I am going to allow her to say a few things on my blog!!

Thank you Higgins.   I was asked by PAL to talk about being a pet parent and who knew almost four years ago when  Higgins made his appearance in our home, he would forever hold a piece of my heart.  Certainly not me!

I remember the day our middle son brought Higgins home.  He went to volunteer at a animal shelter but did way more than just volunteer.  At first, I was not a happy camper that he showed up back home with a little white fur ball in hand.  I remember telling him volunteering and bringing home animals are two different things!  HA!

It didn’t take long for Higgins to claim me as his favorite and his first night in our home, he snored very happily and very peacefully right between  me and my hubby in bed.  At that point I knew, I was an official dog mom!! 

The next four years that have followed, Higgins has brought so much joy and laughter into our home, I can say, he is more like a son than a pet!

When he got hurt on Wednesday I turned into a crazy parent trying my hardest to hold back the tears at the vet office, yep, again a crazy pet mom!  Higgins has added so much to our life, it was so hard to see him in pain and worry about what would happen next.  Of course, the news was not the greatest, but it could have been so much worse.  The good news, he is healing greatly, so two weeks of crate rest is very doable (shhhh, don’t tell Higgins I said that)!

I know that many that read Higgins blog are already pet parents but if you would like more information on the joys pets can add to your life, please visit the PAL Facebook page: 

I have the awesome opportunity to join with Pets Add Life campaign and this post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.

~Higgins Mom

Higgins here again!  Who knew my mom was so smitten with me!  Thanks mom for saying all those sweet things, I think you are pretty awesome too!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Questions Answered & Winners Drawn

Poor Pitiful me!  I am reporting from my crate jail.  :(


How fun!  There were lots of great questions and with nothing else to do but lay around my crate, I am ready to answer them!!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby asked

I have a question for your mom. :) What is her favorite group listed for Bonnaroo this year?

Well mom did not get to watch any groups this year because she spent all her time WoRkInG…grrrr.  She did say that she heard The Red Hot Chili Peppers playing as she was driving by and they were awesome and she would have loved to have seen them!!

Frankie Furter and Ernie asked: 

What do you plan to buy fur yourself with your mom's furst batch of green papers? Snacks Toys Collar new BED or somethingy else... OR... ALL of the above.

Well, I am really needing a new wardrobe, but after the little incident with the cat, dad is not happy with the vet bill.   O.o   Looks like the only thing I will be getting with the green papers, is well, nothing.  Boo.

Bailey asked

Hey I have a question for you. what color grey did your mom paint the youngest son's room? 

She painted his room with Porter Paints, the color was Gray Stone and the number was 517-4 .  They said that it a true grey color and mom is really happy with the color!

Sprinkles had three questions:

What's your favoritest toy out of all the ones you own? 

I love all my toys and having to pick my favorite is so hard.  I guess I will have to say Black Bear is my favorite.  I also am fond of Dino and Froggie and Little Kittie and…opps, I got carried away didn’t I?!  BOL!!
                                                                                                                                                                                  How come the blog is named after you and not Maggie or Bandit? Or the kittehs?
That is a great question!  I am so mantastic and the only one that knows how to type, so it was paws down, my blog.  Maggie is old and likes to make appearances when she wants too and Bandit belongs to the Middle Son and Middle Son thought the idea of a blog was silly.  So The adventures of Higgins it was.  I love talking about brother and sister though and from time to time they make the pages of my blog.

As for the kittehs….forget about it, I am not really happy with them right now!!  BOL!

Do you mind the rain?

I hate the rain with a mad passion!  I am so sweet like sugar that I am scared that I will melt if one tiny drop hits my delicate furs!  BOL!

Dip Bridge and Elliot asked:

Who of all your little brothers and sister dogs and cats do you get on best with?

Me and Bandit get along so well!  Middle  Son keeps saying that he is going to move Bandit out with him and it makes me really sad.  Maggie is getting older by the moment and she does not like to play with me, so when Bandit leaves, I am not sure what I will do with myself!

GOOSE asked:

Hey Higgins. I want to know if you have taken any adventure hikes lately?

Not on my own.  It’s tick season and mom seems to keep a close eye on me!!  Mom and dad have been talking about a camping trip and I was looking forward to it so much, but now with being on crate rest, I guess it will have to wait!

Groucho wanted to know:

Hey Higgins I've a few questions - what's Bonnaroo?? The only Roos we have here are kangaroos !! Our second question is .... What's your FAVOURITE treat ever?? And third - how did you get to be so cool? Coz we think you are very cool!

Bonnaroo sure is not kangaroos!!  I have never seen one of those up close!!  It is a huge 4 day, multi-stage concert held on a 700 acre farm in Manchester Tennessee.  They have been having it for 12 years now.  Kind of  like a modern day Woodstock!

My favorite treat is Ginger Bear snacks!  Yummy!!  My mom gets them from the snack bar at Petco!  I drool over them, BIG TIME!!

Aww, thanks for calling me cool!!  I am naturally mantastic , which helps in the cool department and I learn all my cool moves from my furiends, like you!!  :o)

From Declan:

Hiya mate!
What do you REALLY think about cats?

Oh Deccy….right now I hate them!!  No offense to my cat furiends.  The cats that hang around my house are EVIL!!!  By the time I get out of jail with my healed back, they better watch out cause I am coming after them!

From The Weinerful Gang:

Just curious if you guys like doing 5k walks with doggies around where you live? Are there lots of friendly dog restaurants too?

Sad to say, not a lot of dog friendly restaurants around my neck of the woods.  My mom need to do something about that! 

My mom would love to do a 5K walkie with me, but so far she has not signed us up for one.  Maybe soon!!  We do like to go to state parks and hike around!!

Last but not least, from Haopee:

When you demand attention and mom isn't around, how does dad convince you to stop?

Don’t let my dad fool you!  He might act all big and bad, but he is a softie at heart!!  He gives in way to easily!  Of course, I never get lots of snacks and belly rubs like mom gives me, but dad is still in training!!  BOL!!

I get asked about my blog design lots!! I love to take this time and brag on my mom!!  She is the wonderful designer of my blog!!   Thanks mom! 

This officially wraps up the question and answer time!!  Thanks for all the great questions!!


Now for the winners of the Rejuv-A-Wafers….


I sniffed around for the winners and they are:

The winner of the 30 day supply is:

Dip, Bridge & Elliot!

The two winners of the sample packs are:

Goose & Dog N Pawz!!


Mom wants y’all to email her your address to jpdbj (at) dtccom (dot) net and she will get those in the mail right away!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Evil Cat=Vet Visit=2 Weeks Immobilization

Yesterday morning was great.  Jasmine the black cat snuck into the house and I immediately set into action and chased her.

It started out as a good chase and as I slid into the laundry room is where it all went down.  Something happened and this terrible pain ripped through my body and I could not move my back legs.  Of course when the pain happened I screamed and yelled and mom came running like a crazy lady.  Before I knew what happened I was whisked away to the vets office.  Normally I mind when I go to the vet, this time, not so much.


After a, shall we say a prodding exam, where things where stuck where things should not be stuck…..ahem.  An x-ray was order where the bad news was announced.  I have hurt my T12/T13 vertebrae and it has caused mild paralysis in my back legs. 

The vet ordered two weeks of extreme crate rest and medications.  He said that I could only get out for pee breaks and food.  No running, no chasing cats and no playing fetch with my squeaky toys.  OMD.  He said if I do not follow the rules I may have to have surgery and it will cost $2,300.  Dad said that we would follow all his rules to a “T”, whatever that means.  All I know is I am miserable and I have been confined to jail.


I am in pain and so sad…stupid cat.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WowWee, It’s Been A Long Weekend

Mom finally made it home and good grief, can I say…It’s about time!!!!  I think I could smell her before I saw her! Camping at Bonnaroo is really not her thing or she forgot to take a bath.  You should hear the stories of  her using the Port-a-Potties, that she re-named Port-a-Hell.  BOL!!  Serves her right for leaving me!!

She took a couple of pictures of very interesting people, you wanna see?

bonnaroo 7

This is mom and her cousin Lee.  They road around on golf carts all day giving people rides to where they wanted to go.

bonnaroo 1

Here is some of the mounted patrol.  My mom loved the horses that were there!

bonnaroo 2 bonnaroo 4

What kind of outfit is this???  BOL!!

bonnaroo 5

This fella really wanted my mom to take a picture of him!

bonnaroo 3

It was this guys 21st birthday and they turned his body into a human birthday card.

   bonnaroo 6

Aliens come to earth for the concerts??

bonnaroo 10 

And the walking dead zombies came too???

bonnaroo 8

Mom loved the beautiful sunset.

Mom said that there was so much more to see, but she was so busy with driving people around that she didn’t get to take lots of pictures like she wanted to.  Maybe if she goes next year she will get more….and maybe she will take me!!!

My mom has been so busy catching up on sleep and loving on me that she said that she will announce the winners of the Rejuv-A-Wafers on Thursday and she will also answer all your great questions on Friday!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mom has done it again

My mom has taken a  latest minute  job at  bonnaroo.  I am devastated.  She says it’s to buy more kibbles  for me… Whatever!

Until I’m over my devastation, I thought we could do a fun little question and answer series about me and my blog.

Leave your questions  for me in the comment section and when mom gets home and I get done punishing her we will answer all your questions.

Sorry for the boring post but dad is no mom when it comes to this stuff as I sit here and watch him stress. By the way he is not a fan of mom’s computer either..haha!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

ReJuv-A-Wafers Review & Giveaway!


The pawsome people of  Sun Chlorella USA asked me if I would like to review funny looking green treats for them.  Of course when I heard treats, I was like…YEAH!

The treats they wanted me to try are called ReJuv-A-Wafers.  Here is what they said about their treats:

Rejuv-A-Wafers aid in purifying your pets' body of dangerous toxins and chemicals, helping to improve overall appearance, health and well-being. The benefits of Rejuv-A-Wafers come from a blend of an abundance of beta-carotene, chlorella, (a whole food green algae)  and eleuthero, a natural energy-boosting herb.

Rejuv-A-Wafers are used and recommended by America’s top breeders and veterinarians because the product is not loaded with artificial flavors and fillers. Your pets will love the delicious, wholesome flavor, and you will love your pet's visible good health.


Here is what I have to say about them:

They are green, smell different from my other snacks that I love, but they are great!!

At first I would not try it, but mom told me that they were healthy for me and would give me lots of energy to play fetch and make me handsome!  I am already mantastically handsome, but could always use more energy to chew on bones and play fetch!  So the next time she offered one to me, I gobbled it up and did so every day that she gave me one! 

I give them a paws ups!

Mom has a 30 day supply to give away if you want one.  For bigger dogs it will only last for 15 days, but it is worth a try to see if you love them!  She also has two sample packs to give away as well.  They only have two snack in it, but again, it will give you a chance to munch on them to see if you love them!!

Leave me a comment on what you need more energy for and we will draw for a winner and let y’all know on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordy Wordless Wednesday


Look at my Stuffie ma…he’s sleeping on the back of the couch.

IMG_7441  IMG_7443

Not fur long….




Stuffie accidently fell off and deaded himself!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mischief

Lately, I have taken begging to a whole new level…


You see these yummy Goldfish crackers??


Look at me…Cute huh?  How could she resist giving me one??

Not sure how, but mom says this is pure mischief on my part!

I guess because the pitiful puppy eyes worked on her heartstrings, cause I got some!!  BOL!