Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Panic Mode

Mom brought out her suit case…and not mine.

suit case 3

So I am trying my best…

suit case 2

Too find a way to get in so she does not furget to take me.

  suit case 1

And yes, I am nekkid…abuse, pure abuse that I am forced to live through!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Groundhog Hunting

Mom said we are going to go groundhog hunting today!!


She said they should be easy to spot…in the snow.

She thinks they need to be taught a lesson on teasing her with an early Spring.

I think Mom is a little grouchy about the white stuff!


Can you see me??  Good thing I had my blue shirt on or mom might have never seen me in the the 87 feet of snow that fell this morning!!  BOL!

frozen groudhog 

Happy cold and snowy Tuesday from Tennessee!  Stay warm y’all!

Monday, March 25, 2013

OhhhhWeeeee, A Deaded Spree

Look what Zoe did…


She snapped and decided to go on a deaded spree!!


She waited until everyone was fast asleep and went all crazy!  She even included some of mom shoes….you never dead moms shoes Zoe…that’s like rule 87.


She tried to blame it in me…


But the shame took over and she finally owned up to the massacre.

IMG_9095 IMG_9096

Froggie, Rest in Peace.


Oh yeah….here is me, being all innocent and smirking because Zoe is in trouble!  BOL!!

Happy Monday Mischief!

Friday, March 22, 2013

It’s My Barkday!!

Today I turned 5!  Woo to the Hoo!

higgins bday

And  I have been doing exactly what I want to do…relax, eat and sleep! 

It’s been a great day!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rockin’ A New Collar

The Dog Bark Collar Store  sent me a collar to try out!  I have been wearing fur a few weeks now, so I thought I would give you my thoughts about it!

It’s called the The ToughHound All Sports Collar and can be found on the website!

Here it is on me….

IMG_9077  IMG_9080

Mom said I was being a very uncooperative model so she included this picture of the collar as well…

ToughHound - All Sports Dog Collar (Personalized) 

Here is what the website said about the collar…

The ToughHound All Sports is a heavy-duty personalized dog collar. The collar features a polycoated nylon webbing band with an integrated stainless steel nameplate. Customize the collar with up to four lines, laser-etched on the nameplate. The collar is available in eight colors. Price $29.95

Here is what me and mom have to say about it, and we all know what I think is what is most important!!!  BOL!

I will let my mom go first…

The pros…

Mom is impressed and what she likes best about the collar is that it is perfect for me to wear around the house so I do not have to have all my tags jingle-jangling around my neck!

She likes the size of the personalized  nameplate as well.  She says if we were traveling and I got away that it would be a great way to put on there any allergies that I might have to go along with my other tags and there is plenty of room to be specific!  Plus, she said there are many different fonts to choose from to really customize it to make it unique!

She also like how sturdy and durable the collar is!

The cons…

She thought the price was a little high at first, but after having me wear it and thinking of the endless possibilities that she could put on the nameplate that it might really be worth the price depending on the situation!

Here is what I think…

I love it! I think it makes me look very mantastic!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mischief And It’s A Doosey!

Mom wanted me to start off by saying that we have has a rough week!  She thinks I am trying to test the theory that not only cats have nine lives, but Chihuahua do too!

Wednesday evening was a typical night with me and Zoe fighting over a rawhide bone…no biggie, until I decided to show Zoe who is the Mantastic King and swallow it…Yep, a big ‘ol hunk of rawhide!

At first my mom thought the strange noises coming from my mighty mantastic self was me choking…yes, mom I was choking but also I was not breathing!  She went into total panic screaming mode and preformed the Heimlich maneuver, or as we are referring to it, the dog-lich maneuver!  The first two times she did it, nothing and then dad told her to turn me upside down and it worked!!!  Whew…

Needless to say I got some pretty fantastical kisses that night!

Next incident was late Friday afternoon when I went missing…again, mom was in total panic screaming mode calling for me when she happened to catch a glimpse of me out of  the corner of her eye…

IMG_9064 IMG_9065

I was stuck on top of the alcove in the side yard!  It does not look like a scary thing, but the rock I was stuck on was like 87 thousand feet straight up!  I was pacing back and forth on a rock trying to figure out how to get down when Dad  came to rescue me!


Hurry Dad, mom is having another panic attack!!


Just as dad and Zoe were half way up, I noticed a way down and started running!!!

Again, lots of  kisses and hugs from mom cause she was so happy that I did not plunge to my death!! 

I have been up to lots of mischief this week!!!!! BOL!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Few Words Wednesday

Mom was rushing into another room…so we quickly followed!

bathroom 2


bathroom 1 


mom pee’ing!!

She said that we are worse than children!!!!


Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Yes, My Mom Is A Slacker!

Okay, I know I am the mantastic genius behind the blog, but these handsome paws…


are not made fur typing!  Yikes, I think I need a pawicure, stat!

My mom has been completely letting me down in the secretarial area of  pawforming her duties!  I have so much to tell you and I promise I will be back tomorrow to fill you in on what has been happening around my house! 

Plus, I have this smacy fancy new collar to show off!!! 


More to come…as soon as I whip my mom into shape!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deaded Stuffie Alert

Mom has been grouchy and preoccupied the past few days, so I have been neglected and bored.  So what happens when I have extra time on my paws and lack of supervision…


Beaver gets deaded…


I tried to deny it and blame it on Zoe…


Mom said nice try, but I look guilty and the evidence was beginning to stack up, not in my favor…


Oh well, fine…I’m guilty…and worn out from the interrogation.

Rest in Peace, Beaver…Rest in Peace!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snowy Cold Weather And Dog Search

This weekend it has been Brr-chilly cold and snowy!  Y’all know I don’t do the snow or cold.  I am built for warm tropical weather and beaches…never been to a beach, but I know my mantastic self was meant fur one!!

Anyhoo, here is me, curled up, nice and warm on the couch!  Right where any smart mantastic Chihuahua would be!


This morning, bright and early…5:15-ish, mom let me, Maggie and Zoe out fur our  morning constitution (pee and poop fur y’all that don’t live at my house)!

Me and Maggie was out there fur like only 87 seconds cause it was cold!

Zoe on the other paw went missing!  I know I heard a HBO word or two, or three slip out of my moms mouth because Zoe is in heat and she took off faster than a jack rabbit…Mom was pretty mad!

Hers has been keeping a real close eye (not close enough) on Zoe cause she does not want her to have her spayin’ surgery yet cause she wanted her to heal a little more before putting her through another surgery, so she thought she could keep her safes and sounds….Think again!  BOL!!

So you nose what my mom did??  She went out in the snowy cold weather to looks fur her…mom only put on a jacket and slippers over her PJ’s!  She is crazy!  Mom furgets that she is not covered in fur like us!

snow 2

Mom went to the top of the holler…no Zoe…see my house way down there??  Mom left all the lights on fur Zoe…Which she hates those flood light cause she says it make the light bill go up!  I nose it is a serious situation when those lights get left on!

snow 3

Mom even got out of  her Jeep on the steep driveway and called and called and called….still no Zoe!

snow 1

Then mom checked down here….still no Zoe.

Zoe is officially missing! Yipppeeee!!  I mean…on no!!!!

snow 4

No worries, after being gone for over an hour Zoe came home, worn slap out!!  Guess who is getting a dogter appointment tomorrow…Mom is madder than a wet set hen…whatever that is!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Do Fish Get A Bath?

Flounder our goldfish does!  At least that is what my mom said as she was trying to catch him to clean his house!  No worries Flounder, I run too when I hear the word bath!!

IMG_9027 IMG_9028

Mom said that he needed a good house cleaning so she put flounder into a jelly jar.  Poor Flounder, he was not liking it at all!!!

IMG_9029 IMG_9032

Mom also cleaned his plant, shell and marbles….


I snoopevised the whole bath taking process and I give my paw of approval fur a nice shiny house and a nice clean Flounder! 

I hope my mom does not want to give anything else a bath…..