Friday, June 21, 2013

Fight Like A Frenchie

I have been absent from my blog this week….why I have not been around is not important…

What is very important right now is my furiend Benny, he has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

I am so sad!

Here is Benny, his sister Lily and their mom.  Lily and mom are very sad too!

So what are we gonna do about it???


Well I am going to cross my paws really tight and help Benny FIGHT!!!

Benny’s treatments are REALLY, REALLY expensive…so if you can, GO HERE and give…

Second, go to Benny and Lily’s blog and give some BIG blog love!!  Benny’s mom needs lots and lots of it!!

Benny we are right here behind you, supporting you all the way!  Go and KICK SOME CANCER BUTT!!!!  You can so it!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Road Trip!

Not sure where we are going...but all that matters is I am going and I have the perfect sun puddle to sleep in!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chihuahua Behaving Badly

I had my annual Dogter Appointment on Friday…Fur some reason youngest son decided to tape it.  Why???  Who knows, but now my badself  is on video.  Grr.

After the video had stopped rolling it got worse…I acted so bad and tried to bite the Dogter that I had to be muzzled to get my shots.  That stoopied muzzled made it even worse and I started blowing bubbles out of my mouth while I growled.

After my shots, mom sent the youngest son and me to the truck while she talked with the dogter!  I guess she was worried that I was getting ready to take that Dogter O-U-T!  BOL!! 

So after the appointment, what did mom do??  She took me to Dairy Cream to get ice scream to reward my badself!  BOL BOL BOL!!  The youngest son said that I  did not deserve it at all!

ice scream

I say, I got shots, so I deserve so much more!

Happy Monday Mischief!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Maggie Cuteness


The other night when my mom went to bed, this is what she found on her pillow!

Mom did not have the heart to boot her off, so they shared the pillow for a while!

I thought I would ne a good brother and give my sister Maggie some bloggy love today!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It’s Me, A Mini Higgins

I got this very impawtent package all the way from England, Royal Mail!!    I have never had anything sent to me from England!

higgins mail

It was from my furiends Dip, Bridge and Elliot!  Guess what was inside….


It is a mini Higgins!!   He is the most mantastic thing I have ever seen!!  Look at his cute nose, those handsome eyes and those mantastically perfect ears!!! 

Wow, a spitting image of me!!


I think he looks just like me, so very mantastic, if I do say so myself!


He does not smell like me…YET!!  Once I show him around my home and share a few of my Ginger Bear Snack with him, he will surly smell like me too!!!  BOL!!!

If you would like a Mini Higgins….or a mini you…BOL, make sure you let Dip, Bridge and Elliot's mom know, cause she is the bombdiggity at making them!

I think I am in love!!